Julie Anne San Jose endorses Careline – a powerhouse of Vitamin-E enriched and oil-control formulated makeup products

The fast changing trends on beauty products among teens continually motivates Ever Bilena to provide exciting products for the face, eyes, and lips, through Careline – a powerhouse of Vitamin-E enriched and oil-control formulated makeup products ideally made for young girls.

Careline now takes on the status as their “go-to” makeup brand because it’s both light on the budget, light on the skin, and also known to offer fresh, fun, and colorful set of makeups that perfectly mirrors its newest endorser, Julie Anne San Jose.

This May, Careline offers something new and exciting to its loyal and would-be teen customers. Starring in its freshest TV commercial is the talented and beautiful teen celebrity, Julie Anne San Jose. This 19 year old pinoy pop princess and diva-in-the-making captivated the hearts of her fans, making her one of the most promising performers in the industry today. With multiple talents in singing, dancing, and acting, plus a bubbly, carefree personality, she’s a real fit for Careline’s evolving brand.

In keeping up with fame, Julie learned to maintain herself as a sought-after personality by remembering to be fresh and beautiful all the time. “Syempre nasa showbiz industry ka so you always have to look good,” she says. As she’s always seen in front of the camera, Careline never fails to make her look ready and radiant every time.  

Careline’s newest TVC’s concept revolves around the brand’s characteristic against a backdrop of youthful hues and elements. It highlights Careline’s top products such as the Careline Lipstick, Careline Face Powder, and Careline BB Cream rocked by its beautiful teen endorser. In retrospect, this new commercial varies a lot from the ones Careline had before. The catchy song in which Julie Anne herself took charge of during the arrangement, has set the new TVC at par with foreign brands. Once you hear the song entitled “It’s my time,” you’ll surely find yourself singing it for the next couple of hours!

This new TVC is all about encouraging young girls to be confident and beautiful in their own skin like Julie Anne, a perfect role model. By using Careline cosmetics, they can transform from ordinary to pretty just as how its new tagline says, “Be pretty, go Careline!”

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