MJ Lastimosa admits she has undergone some “enhancements” in her body

Bb. Pilipinas–Universe 2014 Mary Jean “MJ” Lastimosa has begun feeling the pressure of bringing home the Miss Universe crown this year. However, she believes that the tension she feels is somehow an edge for her to win the pageant.

“I think it’s an advantage. I need that pressure to unleash the best in my performance,” she shares in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” airing this Thursday (August 21).

When asked about plastic surgery, MJ also admits in the episode that she has undergone some “enhancements” in her body.

“My teeth and skin were enhanced. I had to undergo laser treatments and the like,” she reveals.

She insists that she sees nothing wrong about it because it helps improve one’s confidence.

“If it does not give you bad effects, I don’t think there is something wrong,” MJ explains.

As for “Pinoy Big Brother” ex-housemate Beauty Gonzalez, her transformation from a chubby teenager to a sexy cover girl was a long and hard process.

“We used to eat five times a day. So when I need to lose weight, it was really a challenge. I used to cry while running. I do crossfit, I run, swim, bike, and everything. I have to be disciplined when it comes to eating,” Beauty shares.

Beauty says her job is her biggest motivation to keep fit. She simply advises young girls to love their body and just stay healthy.

MJ and Beauty reveal more about their life and career in this episode of “Tapatan ni Tunying.”

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