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Is he the new guy? Model claims ‘special friendship’ with Vice Ganda

In her previous interviews, Vice Ganda admitted he is currently in a relationship but chooses to keep mum on the identity of his beau. Different names came out as netizens and entertainment news and blog sites have speculated on the identity of Vice’s new boyfriend. The latest name previously rumored to be in a relationship with her is Kurt Ong.

But since Vice doesn’t want to confirm anything, people especially the fans keep on digging clues since almost everyone wants to know the new guy. Then came this model named Rommel Cardiente, who is claiming to be a “special friend” of Vice. “Spending 2nd night with my special friend!!! #boracay #friends #goodtimes #upinhere #laboracay2015”

rommel cardiente

We actually don’t want to put malice on this status and picture together but they look cute together. 🙂 This Primastella model is pretty hot!

rommel cardiente profile


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