Barbie Forteza still a virgin at 18

In this modern age, it’s not everyday that you meet a beautiful and talented woman who doesn’t have a boyfriend. Barbie Forteza is an exception.

The GMA 7 talent is proud to say that at 18, she’s still a virgin. This is certainly no mean feat considering that she has been partnered with four men since she joined showbiz six years ago. These hot dudes are Joshua Dionisio, Derrick Monasterio, Jake Vargas, and Andre Paras. Barbie had every chance to fall in love during this time but she chose to remain single and keep her virginity intact.

This certainly calls for a big celebration, but the humble debutante will be having a simple party instead at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) in Diliman, Quezon City. Rather than spend a great deal of money on booze and food, Barbie decided to help the less fortunate.

The money she gets from her party today will be given to charity. Barbie supports the PCMC Adopt-A-Room project and hopes to raise a good amount of money for the confined kids until August 5, 2015.

Barbie with Joshua Dionisio

Barbie’s status as  the country’s “Teen Queen” may be debatable, especially to fans of Kathryn Bernardo of ABS-CBN who is vying for the same title. What is certain is the talented star is a good daughter with a big heart. Let’s hope other young celebrities will take this cue and follow her example. Happy birthday, Barbie!



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