WATCH: Maine Mendoza remains humble inspite of fame

Often times, we heard a lot of news about showbiz stars who disregard their fans. Critics would say that when they are already on the peak of their careers and become well-known, stars’ behavior and attitude changes. However, this story is exactly the opposite for Maine Mendoza.

Photo Source:mainedcm Instagram
Photo Source:mainedcm

It is no doubt that Maine is considered to be one of the most promising stars today. It started when she posts funny dubsmash videos and later became Lola Nidora’s Yaya Dub in Eat Bulaga’s Juan For All. But she became more famous when he saw Alden Richards on the split screen during their segment.

Form that time on, they became today’s most heart-fluttering love team called Aldub. Even the #ALDUBTheAbduction became a trending topic last Saturday, with 6.35M tweets.

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But despite of being famous, Maine stayed humble and cheerful to her fans.

Watch the video below.

With the video proof above, even if the Rogelios (Lola Nidora’s bodyguards) stopped her away from her fans, she insisted to stay for a while and took a picture with them. This really shows how meek Maine is.

This is all we wanted from our beloved artists, isn’t it? So, Maine just remain as humble as you are and we assure you, that we will be supporting you all the way to stardom.



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