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Pastillas Girl, newest victim of cyber bullying

Angelica Jane Yap aka Pastillas girl has been one of the popular talks in social media nowadays.

She never fails to be one of the trending topic online, unfortunately, in a worse way. Not all comments are good and admirable because most are rude and below the belt of what an ordinary 21-year old lady could take in.

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It all started when her video of making bitter sweet Pastillas recipe with evident hugot lines became viral. She immediately became a hit and known when she first appeared in the advice segment, “adVice Ganda “of “It’s Showtime!” last Friday, September 11, 2015.


The appearance triggered her to find her own Mr. Pastillas from microblogging site, Twitter, and also a chance for “It’s Showtime” to snatch the high ratings from “Eat Bulaga’s,” KalyeSerye, with AlDub. As some claimed, it was an unclassy move for ABS-CBN’s to partner Yap with any potential suitors, who only professed their admiration on air, since it was too far from the old-fashioned courtship lessons that AlDub keeps on reminding to its viewers.

Yap has gotten flak online saying that she is a total rip off and rushing herself to find a new love without thinking. Netizens also advice her for taking it slow after an unpleasant break-up. From there, she became a victim of cyber bullying.

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Meanwhile, some netizens expressed their support for Pastillas Girl.



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It is no doubt that people cry foul over the Cybercrime Law. Some did not take into consideration the negative impact it may give on its victim. It leaves emotional scars and may lead to destruction on the life of the person involved.

No one is immune in cyber bullying. For some bullies, it’s much easier to make comment when you don’t have to face the victim but if you’re the one being bullied, pretty sure you will also feel devastated with the spreading cruel words throwing against you.

No one’s stopping you to express yourself freely but be sure to enjoy this kind of freedom responsibly without bringing other people down.

Remember,”how you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.”


Angelica Jane Yap gets emotional upon reading comments on social media

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