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BLIND ITEM: Bad luck hunts sexy actress

Why does bad luck hound her wherever she goes? Is there such a thing as a natural magnet for misfortune? Is this actress cursed or jinxed?


Some believe so since the cast of her current TV show don’t want her to be around. The actress had a promising start but when her real character slowly emerged, she ran out of offers and now is almost completely forgotten.

A good show could probably lift her up again. The problem is her co-workers are hesitant to join her believing her to be a harbinger of bad luck.

Do you know her? Here’s a clue: She’s named after a popular and historical street in Manila.

Now, her co-workers are demonstrating against her right to appear in a new TV show. Pity the poor actress! Who could she be?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Maybe, then again maybe not.

Write your comments below and try to unravel the mystery of this troubled star. Your guess is as good as mine.

Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse follows Angelica Yap; thanks her on Twitter

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