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Star Cinema, having hard time searching for the new “Darna”

“Darna” is an original fictional character based on the creative mind of Mars Ravelo. This Filipina superhero character has been featured so many times in a span of almost 7 decades and now considered as pop icon. Darna first appeared on Bulaklak magazine way back in 1947 then moved to Pinoy Komiks in 1950. Since then Darna has graced numerous movies and television series which made it as one epic fictional character in Philippine history.

Angel Locsin is one of the actresses who portrayed Darna on screen. Her memorable portrayal in the Kapuso Darna TV series is now etched on the minds of many television viewers. Just recently she declined on accepting the Darna role for Star Cinema because of her health problem. With her spine injury she can no longer do the acrobatic moves needed for the super hero role.

Now that Angel Locsin is out of the picture, Star Cinema is having a hard time searching for Darna on its upcoming big movie production. On the other hand, Angel Locsin is very grateful to Star Cinema for their kind understanding, that she can’t do Darna anymore due to her health issue.

Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos had already portrayed Darna in several movies and has good words to say to Angel Locsin. The future mother-in-law of Angel Locsin tells her not to have regrets about her decision of not accepting the Darna lead role. She even added that Angel Locsin has nothing more to prove since she has already played the iconic super hero role on GMA Network and did a terrific job.

Currently Angel Locsin and Vilma Santos are now working on a film “All of my Life” for Star Cinema under the award winning director BB. Joyce Bernal.

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN’s Star Cinema is having a hard time searching for Darna in their upcoming high budgeted movie project. Star Cinema is not yet decided who among their female Kapamilya stars is suited for the Darna role.


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