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TV REVIEW: “Be My Lady” oozes with incredible charm and heart-warming appeal

There is more in “Be My Lady” aside from the imminent on-screen chemistry of its lead actors—it’s an inspiring family drama with an immense capacity to speak for relatable sentiments that would surely tug at the heartstrings.

Daniel and Erich for Be My Lady

The plot revolves around the Crisostomo family—a happy barrio family whose hopes and dreams are simple, but earnest. Everything about this family is lovable. Marcy (Janice de Belen) and Emil (Al Tantay) are both responsible parents who work ward to sustain the needs of their family. Their children—Pinang, Andy, and Julian—are obedient and loving, their dreams much bigger than their parents may require them to pursue.

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be my lady

There is almost no single part of it that we haven’t seen in the countless previous dramas that took into spotlight the Filipino family and its moving stories of hope and resilience. Crisostomo family is no stranger of bitter misadventures, but for most part, the first few episodes presented them as a beautiful portrait of a fun-loving family. And that’s exactly the point why “Be My Lady” immensely works—it is very relatable, and it oozes with incredible charm and heartwarming appeal.

I have a tiny misgiving about whether real life-sweethearts, Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales, will work onscreen, considering of the fact that most loveteams like theirs, tend to lose the spark in front of the camera.

be my lady

If I were to rely on the trailers, alone, I wouldn’t mind entertaining that doubt—trailers show exactly the opposite: a screaming chemistry that might cripple anyone to irresistible dosages of “kilig”.

be my lady

Well, the first three episodes are primarily focused on their younger versions and their respective families, so for now, we’re left anticipating for that palpable chemistry to be sustained.

The location used by this show is just alluring, and is often captured in screaming beautiful renders. This is what I adore most about ABS-CBN teleseryes, you can tell that their is a generous effort given and attention paid to polish their cinematography, and overall production design.

The music, is very likeable and fun, and in some instances, emotionally haunting. I particularly love the parts where the whole family sing and dance to the classic pinoy hit from Boyfriends, ‘Dahil Mahal Kita’ (I shed a tear on this one).

Trust me, you may need a full roll of tissue for every episode of this show. If you dig the tear-jerking and heart-shattering episodes of “MMK,” this one definitely won’t fail you.

Big props to great performances delivered both by Janice de Belen and Al Tantay, although I’d say Janice is the one who shone the most. The young cast is also great, but I’d like to commend most about Francine Diaz, who played the young Pinang. This kid is strong on emotionally-weakening moments.

be my lady

It is also worth-noting that this show isn’t deprived of comic effort, which is so much needed to provide balance, adding another level of comic appeal that the audience will definitely chuckle about.

be my lady

“Be My Lady” promises to speak for the different languages of love. The first three episodes alone, has spoken an important one—the love of the family, and it is not hard to predict how it will unfold for more in the coming episodes, ones that may only the heart can understand.


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