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Binay Trolls bashes Kyla on Twitter, her response will leave you speechless

For every positive thing that lifts the spirit, inspire or motivates people that we see people do both online and off, there is always an opposite side to it. In today’s case, it is trolling and bashing.

Kyla, another Filipino celebrity has been a victim of bashing and trolling by who appears to be staunch supporters of certain politicians for merely performing a number in a political rally of its rival.


In a recent post in her Twitter account, Some supporters of the Binay(s) have been accusing Kyla of being “paid off” by Makati mayoral aspirant Kid Peña.

These trolling replies can be seen at this Twitter post:

Bashing ranged from provocative accusations of being “paid off” for supporting Kid Peña to down right “insults” about Kyla and her child’s physical appearance.

Kyla Twitter Bashers edited

Kyla Twitter Bashers supports binays edited

binay troll supporters bash kyla on twitter unedited edited

Disclaimer: Names and accounts have been censored to give these netizens (whether their accounts are  genuine or mere dummies meant to troll) privacy, time to re-evaluate the actions of these accounts that might reflect and negatively impact the candidate they are supposedly supporting, and to simply self-moderate. Accounts might also be based on real-world individuals who might have knowledge of the actions of some malicious individuals potentially using their accounts to troll.

Kyla could have simply ignored these bashers as this is the seemingly harsh reality of her chosen career, but this time, she takes these hateful bashers head on with these following tweets:

This is not the first time that celebrities drew flak for merely performing to a certain political rally or being an outspoken supporter of a politician(s). This is probably why some celebrities opted to stay out of politics, as this usually attracts all sort of negativity especially from those “passionate” people supporting the rival candidates.

Celebrities already have bashers for being simply being celebrities, so why complicate it and create more by tapping in on a much sensitive politically charged supporters?

Well, aren’t celebrities also citizen of the Philippines? Aren’t they free to choose which candidate to support? Aren’t celebrities or their managers free to choose which political rallies to attend to or be hired to perform to? Why do these staunch supporters prefer to rudely bash and troll celebrities for their own actions, when they can be civil and classy with their criticism? Why is it so easy for some people to go down this route without even considering the repercussion of this rudeness towards others, on how it will affect their overall character or the candidate they see fit to lead them to progress? Why do people dehumanize and trample on the rights of others because of what they blindly believe in?


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