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Liza Diño reacts to Mocha Uson’s ‘warning’ to VP Leni Robredo

Liza Diño said, in an apparent reference to Mocha, to stop the threats and not to speak on behalf of others.

Rodrigo Duterte and Liza Dino

Actress Liza Diño, the partner of singer Aiza Seguerra and known supporter of Duterte, took to social media on May 29 to criticize sexy star Mocha Uson over her recent “warning” to incoming vice president Leni Robredo. Mocha’s viral post cautioned the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo to support President-elect Duterte or else Duterte Die-Hard Supporters (DDS) will be forced to remove her from the office.

According to Liza’s post on Instagram, “Ok lang naman na magpahayag ng opinyon. Ok lang din to express our fears about the affiliation of VP Leni with the Liberal Party and how it can possibly affect the changes brought about by the new government.”

Liza also reminded to stop thinking of negative things when there’s no basis. “But let’s not generalize. Do not speak in behalf of others who may not share the same opinion. Worse, do not assume the worst in one person and threaten to “remove her from office” gayong obvious naman na wala tayong kakayahang gawing iyon.”

She added, “Speak for yourself and for yourself only. Ikaw yan eh. Opinyon mo yan. But kung ang konteksto ng sinasabi ay parang kumakatawan sa pangkalahatang opinyon especially ng mga sumusuporta kay Duterte.”

Liza Diño's IG post to Mocha Uson


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