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Nikko Natividad joins Kim Atienza on an adventure in “Matanglawin”

Pinoy Big Brother Season 7 housemate and Hashtags member Nikko Natividad will join the fun in “Matanglawin” this Sunday (September 5) as he goes on an adventure with Kuya Kim Atienza.

Natividad and Atienza will search for giant snakes, acquiring knowledge about the reptiles and even encountering “dinosaurs” along the way. Another thing to watch out for in this week’s episode is the mind-boggling ability of Lolo Tony to mimic the sounds of everything around him using everyday objects thanks to his keen observation skills.

Hashtag Nikko joins Kuya Kim Atienza in Matanglawin this Sunday

The “Matanglawin” team also meets Malajya Fernandez who will tour the program around the Crescent Moon Café where simple lumps of clay are transformed into works of art thanks to pottery.

Watch and learn fascinating stuff about science and animals, among other wonderful trivia this Sunday (September 5), 10am on “Matanglawin” on ABS-CBN on free TV, ABS-CBN HD Ch. 166 on SKYCable, and online. Follow their Facebook page at and official Twitter account (@MatanglawinTV) for more updates.


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