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TV REVIEW: “A Love to Last,” a mirror of reality…

Love in reality.

The biggest mistake of people about love is always in the milieu of a happy ending.

The vague definition of love and realization about it is something awful and ideal.

In this world, we are aiming to be loved by someone but when is the right time?

How can we say that he or she is the right person for you?

The society in this generation is looking for ‘forever’. Now that we are bound in the perspective of brokenness the reason why millennials believe in, “there’s NO FOREVER”.

Romantically, the views always demand how we are caging to forever; is that in the concept marrying the one you love or having a family?


A love to last is an eye-opener for everyone who is blinded that loving is always in the midst of happiness. That is not loving if you are not ready to be hurt.

The story talks about the two broken souls who will cure and try to fix the pain of past.

The conflict of the family has been established at the beginning of the story.

We can see the different characters in different perspectives because they are caged in the context of broken family. Andeng (Bea Alonzo) said to her family, “because of you, I learn how to love”. The line shows the positivity and strong personality of Andeng. She grew knowing that her dad betrays her mom that is why she is aiming to have a perfect family. Suddenly, her fiancé’ has an affair and the toughest thing there was, she caught it in the act.


Engr. Antonio “Anton” Noble IV (Ian Veneracion) reflects the hunger of having a perfect family. We cannot change the fact that love grows and otherwise. Grace Silverio-Noble played by Iza Calzado became unhappy that construe the idealism of Anton. The representation of commitment of husband and wife demands the common denominator of the two but apparently, ego has been a big choice.

The first week collates scenes that were significant to the whole storyline of the television series. Vividly, the directors (Richard I. Arellano and Jerry Lopez Sineneng) have given the prowess on how they will collaborate the story to be relevant in this generation.

a-love-to-last-cast-27 a-love-to-last-cast-26 a-love-to-last-cast-25

They value the art of the camera and the movement to supply the artistry of the concepts of the story. You can see how they worked on the different styles of telling a story e.g. ‘foreshowing’ to reveal the conflict of the story and the struggles of the characters.

The point of view of the family that is ambitiously drafting the concept of completeness and now as a big dilemma to fix the ideal family you want to build. Pertinent to this, it has a big effect on children’s behavior and building their own identity. You can see that in the presence of the children of Anton; Kitty S. Noble (Hannah Lopez Vito), Chloe S. Noble (Julia Barretto), and Lucas S. Noble (Juan Karlos Labajo) and Andeng’s half-brother, Andrew Agoncillo (Enchong Dee) Each character represents the results of a broken family.

a-love-to-last-cast-22 a-love-to-last-cast-28

Fine acting, dialogue, and scenes perfectly blended plus the intense conflict that hacked the viewers constantly watch this series. Another thing is the “kilig” factor from Bea and Ian Veneracion will surely uplift the whole cast and the viewers in their acting skills.

Now that destiny and fate gave the right time for them to work with each other. Definitely, they will show how romantic masterpiece flows to the vain of everyone.

How factious we are in the name of love?

Up to what extent we can fight for our family.

How to solve the formula to have a happy ending.

Moreover, is there a forever?

A love to last is a mirror of reality.


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