10 Angel Locsin hairstyles that will leave you in awe!

Angel Locsin’s hair is the talk-of-town… again! So, we at LionhearTV compiled the iconic hairstyles that make Angel Locsin the Angel Locsin.

The Third Party

Please bear with us or you will not see how beautiful she is.

The “Elementary Girl” hairstyle

angel hairstyle

Remember your elementary classmate who used to make different braided styles on her hair? That’s cool, right? As old-style as it is, Angel has never bothered to show her innocent look with her braided hair. She looks like an elementary student who loves braiding sessions with her“kumares” when their teacher is not around.

The “Bagong Shampoo” hairstyle


When Angel Locsin changed her hairstyle to this one, we thought was using Rejoice, because ugh, her hair is “sumusunod sa galaw n’ya.” Not to mention her bangs! She looks perfect and simple in this one.

The “Pretty Shiboli” hairstyle


Lady Gaga was known for her alter-egos Yuyi the Mermaid and the handsome Joe Calderon. But this hairstyle doesn’t represent Angel’s alter-ego. It’s her current hairstyle, actually. Many netizens have questioned her gender already, with rumor that Bubbles Paraiso is her “alleged” lover. If she really is a lesbian, we don’t care. She would still be the most beautiful shiboli, if ever.

The “Pak na Pak” hairstyle


One of the most iconic hairstyles of Angel is this one. It was taken by Cosmo Magazine and she looks so so perfect! Look at the simplicity! Pak na pak! Parang nagpa-rebond lang sa salon si ate.

The “Bitchesang Anghel” hairstyle


This hairstyle shows a “madilta” look of Angel. She was like an I-don’t-know-you-so-don’t-talk-to-me person in this photo. Adding to her badass look is her choker and her not-so-red lipstick.

The “Rebellious Girl” hairstyle


Angel looks like a rebellious teenager girl in this photo. If she is not a celebrity, I would think she’s a heavy smoker. Well, any hairstyle suits Angel. What can you expect?

The “Beautiful Kasambahay” hairstyle


Recently, it was speculated that she was wearing a wig because she is hiding her hair to prepare for Darna. Others claimed that the reason for this wig thingy is because Angel is suffering on baldness.

Some of the netizens, especially her bashers say that Angel looks like a “labandera” in this photo. Hello? What’s wrong with being a “labandera?” It’s a noble work. And duh! Angel looks like a beautiful “labandera” from  heaven in this photo.

The “Angelic Monroe” hairstyle


People were astonished with Angel’s look when Folded and Hung revealed this photo of her. She looks like an updated version of Manilyn Monroe. We luuuurve it!

The “Lady Boss” hairstyle


Angel looks so posh with this hairstyle, seriously. If Great Britain has Victoria Beckham, well, the Philippines has Angel Locsin. Wearing a black suit, the actress is stunningly beautiful. Very sophisticated, indeed.

The “Hairstyle-that-started-it-all” hairstyle


This one is arguably the most iconic hairstyle of Angel Locsin, the hairstyle that has started it all… thanks to Darna’s reborn in 2005.

After the success of Mulawin, Angel was starred in her first major TV series. Since then, the then-Kapuso actress became a hot topic anywhere in the Philippines. Wherever you are, you couldn’t escape the beauty of Darna in her flowing curly hair.

So, that’s all as for now. What type of hairstyle do you think she can make? Tell us your suggestions!



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