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Netizens are asking: “Put ‘The Greatest Love’ on prime time”

For us Filipinos, being so close to our mothers is instinctive. But what if one day, you wake up and finds out that the woman who always support you has Alzeimer’s disease? That someday, she will lose her memories and you will be forgotten?

The Greatest Love

Like what most people say, the greatest love on earth is the love of a mother. Hence, The Greatest Love is relatable to the Filipino youths and mothers. From its piercing scenes down to characters’ unforgettable lines, The Greatest Love is undeniably the ‘greatest’ series in the afternoon.

Netizens applaud the series and advise ABS-CBN to put it in prime time, when the largest number of people are watching television.

Here are some of the comments on Facebook and Twitter:

The Greatest LoveThe Greatest LoveThe Greatest LoveThe Greatest LoveThe Greatest LoveThe Greatest LoveThe Greatest Love

As the story gets more exciting and intense, The Greatest Love overtakes Ang Probinsyano as the most-watched series on iWanTV.

The Greatest Love iWanTV

Are you agree with the netizens? Tell us what you think.


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