Daniel Matsunaga responds to bashers: “My relationship was never about money!”

  • Daniel Matsuaga cleared up his name over “money issue” which was rumored to be the cause of his break-up with Erich Gonzales.
  • The actor said he will not delete his photo with Erich on his Instagram.
  • He turned off the comment feature on his Instagram to prevent arguments with netizens.

Daniel Matsunaga defended himself from bashers in relation to his break-up with ex-girlfriend Erich Gonzales.

daniel matsunaga

It was a normal day for Matsunaga yesterday until group of bashers bombarded his Instagram with negative comments.

Luckily, Fashion Pulis got a chance to screenshot Matsunaga’s reply to particular bashers. Based on his response, it seems like the bashers were insisting Matsunaga that money was the real cause of his controversial split with Gonzales.

daniel matsunaga

The 28-year-old couldn’t help but to defend himself. He responded: “My relationship was never about money…I always worked really hard to have what I have today and thank God my life is NOT based around money.”

He clarified that he doesn’t depend on anybody to earn anything. Matsunaga also advised the netizens in his Instagram to “not judge without knowing what happened.”

daniel insta 1

Moreover, Matsunaga said he will never delete his photo with Gonzales as a promise to a DanRich fan. He then turned off the comment feature in his Instagram to prevent further arguments.

daniel insta 2

Recently, Gonzales made a statement about their break-up which intensifies the speculations that the issue about money was the main reason of their break-up.

Erich Gonzales

Gonzales sent her statement via message to ABS-CBN News. The actress forewarned that she will tell truth about their break-up because she was being “provoked.”


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