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MOVIE REVIEW: “My Ex and Whys” – A Heartbreaking Truth

My Ex and Whys is a 2017 Filipino romantic comedy-drama film, directed by the legendary Cathy Garcia-Molina, starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.

My Ex and Whys

The film gives reasons for restoring the love we have. It will make you realize the true meaning of LOVE… “love when you are ready to be hurt”.

Main cast

Liza Soberano as Calixta “Cali” Ferrer

Enrique Gil as Gio Martinez

Supporting cast

Joey Marquez as Gio’s Father

Ara Mina as Cali’s Mother

Zaijian Jaranilla as Victor

Rhed Bustamante as Nicole

JB Agustin as Eric

Dominic Roque – Ryan Bang – Neil Coleta – Karen Reyes – Cai Cortez – Hyubs Azarcon – Arlene Muchlach

My Ex and Whys

LizQuen, Simply the Best

‘Kilig’-filled in the loop of Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano tandem. The storyline is cliché and very simple but LizQuen indulges the viewers in the most KILIG feeling that they ever felt. They are the twist in the film not in the story, because the new LisQuen has been out to their comfort-zone.

The acting is just natural that will put you in a cyclical emotion. The profound love justify the romantic side of Filipinos and how they will scrutinize the value of vows.

The sexy Liza Soberano

In this film, Liza put herself in the notion of being sexy as her character depicts in the story. No doubt, she really did a great job showing her body’s artistry.

The promising acting is indeed her masterpiece.

Country’s Box-office Director

Cathy Garcia-Molina is a Filipino film and television director. Most of her films listed in the highest-grossing films in the Philippines.

What great about this film is the way she directs the whole team production and how she motivates acting prowess of her actors.

The aesthetic of cinematography is boundless and very romantic that contemplates the image love of the two characters, trust, and family.

Virtually the directing molds the characters in the mood and heart of viewers. Greater emphasis on the implications of editing and digital or film acquisition.

My Ex and Whys

The Bakitlist

The story goes in the context of reasons behind the betrayals of men and challenges of women surpassing the heartbreaks. In the beginning of the story, different sides of bitterness (in terms of romantic love) have been shown to reveal the conflict of the story. This conflict directs the reality and feelings of Filipinos who are afraid to love again. The value of the trust is the big issue for each character.

The film will make you realize that you are dwelling in the nightmare of past.

There is no formula for moving on.

There is no shortcut way to heal the pain.

There is no reason why we love someone.

The only thing you need to bear with is the process of ACCEPTANCE.

You have to hit the turning point of real happiness in the midst of sadness.


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