GMA Network’s verified Facebook pages poke fun at ABS-CBN Koreanovela page

A supposed ABS-CBN page called Kapamilyanovelas (Official), with 211,000+ likes, has been receiving criticisms from Kapuso fans.

On March 13, Kapamilyanovelas (Official) mistakenly released an info-graphic indicating “Love in the Moonlight” to be higher than that of GMA Network’s “Pretty Woman”.

“Moonlight” was a consistent champion on rating games, based on data provided by Kantar Media.

Suddenly, a GMA-related page called GMA The Heart of Asia, with 120,000+ likes, sarcastically commented on the said post.

They wrote with a smirking emoji, “Hindi naman po kami na-orient na umeere pala ang #PrettyWoman on Fridays. Hanggang Thursday lang kami, Kapuso.”

The comment was answered by another Kapuso page, Encantadia 2016. They commented, “Ay pashnea!”—a colloquial popularized by “Encantadia” which is believed to be a cussword.

An official page of the Wowowee-esque Wowowin also responded: “Bigyan ng jacket ‘yan!”

Kapuso fans threw shades on the unverified page of ABS-CBN, describing how they got ‘burned’ by these GMA verified pages. Others were accusing the network and Kantar Media of rating manipulation.

Ironically, Kapuso fans and these GMA pages ultimately forgotten their #HeartOverHate campaign. Instead of correcting the Kapamilya page, it rather became a subject of laughter and derision.

However, by using our common sense, we could have found out that the 7.8% on the info-graphic was the rating for Kapuso gag show “Bubble Gang”.

In a comment section, a netizen claimed he received a response from a page called Kapamilya Asianovela after raising his concerns over the wrong info-graphic.

The message says: “Hi. We believe this is a human mistake by a Kapamilyanovelas’ editor. Rest assured that we will take note of this (both staffs of our official ang promo page) and we will surely acknowledge ABS-CBN’s competing programs from rival network. Thanks!”

In a society where charlatanism is now common, ABS-CBN pages should be more careful on what they would post to avoid confusion.

As for Kapuso-related pages, promote #HeartOverHate instead of starting a social media war between fans of rival networks.





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