TV REVIEW: “I Can Do That” could be the next big thing in PH television

“Filipinos indeed have a world-class talent”

In line with this, excellent and boasting worldwide talents have been showcased in the new reality and comedy show, I Can Do That. The TV Entertainment Program is based on the original format, launched by Israeli company Armoza Formats.

Every weekend the show takes a group of celebrities called “I CANdidates” and challenges them to perform live acts that attest and bring them out to their comfort zone. A justification of a statement… “there is nothing they cannot do”.

The Eight I CANdidates;

Gab Valenciano

Cristine Reyes

Arci Muñoz

Sue Ramirez

JC Santos

Wacky Kiray

Daniel Matsunaga


I CANdidates will perform extraordinary acts in pairs based on the different groups of professional performers that will demonstrate the acts that they have never done before. The thrill and excitement of the show give the big impact for the Filipino viewers. Apparently, the other side of celebrities highlighted and salute to the professional performers who put Filipinos to be one of the great performers in the world.

In terms of the format, I Can Do That Philippines could put all of the performances of I CANdidates on Sunday so that viewers can focus on the entertainment, talents, and skills that they can bring to “Kapamilya viewers”. Because as you can see, viewers find hard to value and critique the group of I CANdidates who performed on Saturday. Seemingly, they will forget it. Likewise, the VTR should emphasize the journey of the celebrities while they are in the process of learning the acts.

Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga will host the Philippine version of “I Can Do That”.

Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga are the hosts of the said TV program. We cannot deny the fact that they are both good in hosting.

However, one thing that they need to address is the chemistry in dealing with the charismatic interaction with the audience. Probably, the formal type of hosting of Robi is far from the personality of Alex that is being a comedian. It affects the overall ambiance of the show.

Thus, physically and emotionally concept of handling the challenges bring the positivity for Filipinos.

Unconsciously, the show will develop the confidence and strong personality to build the talents that are innate for every Filipinos.



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