A PREVAILING HUE: A Review on GMA Network’s Summer Station ID 2017 – “Kulayan Natin Ang Summer”

Performed by: Denise Barbacena
Music by: Arlene Calvo
Words by: BJ Camaya and Clare Yee

Marian Rivera, Heart Evangelista, Kris Bernal, Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo, Bea Binene, Lovi Poe, Regine Velasquez, Gloria Romero, Jaclyn Jose and more, spearhead the Summer Station ID of GMA Network featuring their upcoming shows on television.


A masterpiece must be meaningful in the society.

The realistic point of view of the summer station ID of GMA is more of translucent view that is not the in-depth perspective of this generation. They focus on the advertisement of their upcoming shows reprimands the deep meaning of summer pertinent in the life of Filipinos. We cannot deny that this generation is looking for a more significant piece. On the other hand, some potential points of tone are commendable.

The management must consider the point of view of this generation and how it will affect them. It will be more appreciated if they have a story to inculcate. Likewise, in the concept of the video.


The tone is unconsciously set the atmosphere and captures your imagination

Music is never easy to create it must be a trajectory of life and vision to foresee. Should I say, tuneful and interesting?  It is a positive quality of the Summer Station ID of GMA.

The song structure; harmonic and melodic choices are good to hear but when the sound of the signature tone of “Mulawin”, it became far from the context of the beat. Apparently, the contextualization of the harmony and beat must jibe together to collaborate in an earworm in the heart of music. Thus, it is expressive, yet they did not sustain until the end and rhythmic style to a solid beat and strong engaging rhythm.


People will watch videos before they will listen to music. It became dull seeing artists not going beyond the expectation of people. Because, as you can see the GMA artists are not all present and they just have a setup in a studio. Artists may have very limited means. They are just playing a paint or spray paint that is cliché’ concept. The collaboration of song beat and video must parallel because again, in the video they just introduce the upcoming shows. The only relationship is that they will air in summer yet the song and lyrics have been neglected.

There is a great demand for the perspective of viewers, try to imagine how the video or song’s target audience would receive it. It could be profound by five words namely, descriptive, specific, expressive, relevant, and meaningful.


Play Live: Quantity and quality are more impressive when you intertwine them.

The message is very important in a Station ID of a network.

In this station ID, the message is very simple to grasp for a viewer or listener. Moreover, the realistic side has been debunked. In this era, reality gives commercially attractive figures. In conclusion, never forget to be significant.



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