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Get to know Gina Lopez in “G Diaries”

She speaks fluent Swahili after living several years in Africa, lived as a missionary there with only two pairs of clothes, she had to wash it on a daily basis in a country where water is scarce.

Gina Lopez has seen real poverty, and devoted whole her life to improve the lives of people in her country.

“G Diaries” takes the viewers to another exciting journey to the country’s 7,107 islands through the lens of environmental advocate Gina Lopez. This episode depicts her candid, insightful and authentic voyage towards championing ecotourism and sustainable livelihood.

Lopez is about to share her experiences travelling the entire country and witnessing the Philippines’ bounty of resources and how, in the purest of intentions and the most capable hands, are held sacred and protected for generations to behold and enjoy.

Witness how Lopez has fallen in love with the Philippines’ natural resources, culture, and the country’s inarguably most important gems – the Filipinos.

Featuring the voice of Cherie Gil as Mother Nature, “G Diaries’” second episode airs on Saturday (June 10), 8:00am in ABS-CBN Channel 2. Schedule of replay broadcast on cable Lifestyle Network every Wednesday 9:30am, Thursday 10:30am, Friday 6:00pm and Sunday 3:30pm and 11:00pm.


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