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Kakai Bautista has something to say to her bashers

  • Kakai Bautista turned to Twitter to air her sentiments and gave her bashers a message to ponder.
  • After her falling out with Ahron Villena, netizens were quick to label her as ‘assuming’, “friendzoned.”

Over the past few days, actress comedian Kakai Bautista and actor Ahron Villena were both in hot water after exchanging words on social media.

In 2015, Kakai was believed to be romantically linked with Ahron, based on their sweet photos and posts on Instagram. Ahron ended rumors when he shared on IG that Kakai is just a friend.

In her latest post, Kakai hinted about honesty and acceptance. This sparked speculations online that Ahron might be gay and could not bring himself to like a woman.

Kakai’s IG post says, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”

Ahron later on responded on FB and said that Kakai is an “assuming girl” and that they were together to begin with.

Netizens’ comments flooded and threw negative remarks against Kakai.

People called her “assumera” (someone who assumes) or the woman who just got “friendzoned.”

In defense, Kakai posted a series of tweets which confidently and postively addressed the issue.


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