Maine Mendoza dreams of becoming a film director

  • Don’t be surprised if one day, the time will come when instead of being an on-cam talent, you’ll see Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza behind the camera.
  • Maine has confessed she wants to become a film director someday.
  • Celebrities are also open to reinventing themselves.
  • They always had to have a fall back so that later when fame no longer shines on them, at least, they have something else to do rather than simply be another ‘has been talent.’

Maine Mendoza, aside from her dream of becoming a film director, is currently an entrepreneur as a franchise holder of the famous international food chain she’s been endorsing.

Online personality and actress, Maine Mendoza never really saw herself as an on-cam talent. She even considers herself as an ‘accidental celebrity.’ She was very shy to begin with and wasn’t that confident enough to be on-cam.

She dabbled into dubsmash because she enjoys making fun of herself. But never did she thought her dubsmash activities would eventually paved the way for her entry in the showbiz industry.

What most people don’t know is that Maine’s real goal is to be able to be someone who does things behind the scenes. Maine recently divulged that she really wanted was to become a film director. She dreams of writing a short film or screenplay too.

However, she has yet to determine the kind of films she wanted to make. “Pag-iisipan ko yan mabuti since ‘yan talaga ang gusto kong gawin,” says Maine on her bucket list.

Aside from directing films, Maine is also currently a budding entrepreneur. She had just gotten herself a franchise [in her hometown in Bulacan] of an international fast food chain she’s endorsing.

Maine acknowledges the fact that showbiz fame isn’t forever. As early as now, she knows pretty much what she will do in the future. She hopes to be given the chance to work behind the camera as a director.

But for now, she says she’s trying her best to further improve her acting so that she’ll know how to properly motivate her actors someday when it’s her turn to become a film director.



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