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Gil Cuerva reacts to parking lot issue with Direk Joyce Bernal

“My Love From The Star” leading man Gil Cuerva laughed at the issue about him and director Joyce Bernal.

Still from the first episode of GMA’s “My Love From the Star”

Rumors spread that the two were doing something, ‘gumagawa ng milagro’, at a parking lot during their taping in the recently concluded Kapuso show.

The model and actor said that they would  just laugh about it.

Talking to, he said, “You know stuff like that, tinatawanan nalang natin. For people to come up with something like that, nakakatawa.”

Gil explained that he understands that it was part of being in the showbiz industry. He also clarifies that these issues do not affect his relationship with Direk Joyce.

“It’s something that we just really laugh about, balewala lang. We’re great friends off set and I learned so much from her, and she’s really a mentor,” he elaborated.

The actor also admitted that he’s not bothered with the negative comments about him on social media.

“Why focus on something that will be detrimental to you instead of focusing on something that will be good to you?” he explained.

He said he prefers to focus on his career, acting workshop, with what his next project is instead of the bashing and hate he receives.

But when his family is already involved, the actor said that’s the only time he’ll step in.

“I’d rather divert all my focus there. Though, from time to time, pag nagiging personal na, if they’re attacking my family minsan, that’s where you step in.”

The most important thing, according to him, is to learn your lessons in everything you do.

On a separate note, when direk Joyce was asked about it, she also just laughed at it.


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