Rogue September 2017: Sex, Style, and Scandals


Talking to Myself

In a letter to her younger self, designer and erstwhile It girl Mai Mai Cojuangco found time to reflect on a life that has been less about indulging in privilege that was her birthright, and more about finding strength in the state of independence she crafted for herself

Let Her Eat Cake

Iza Calzado threw a kiddie birthday party for herself. Philbert Dy recounts what happened.

ALT: With a hit drama on television and her first international acting award under her belt, Iza Calzado is celebrating with a kiddie party. Philbert Dy finds himself on her birthday guest list and paints a picture of the actress in what isn’t the peak of her career—not by a long shot

Her Side of the Story

CNN Philippines’ Isabella Montano has seen the best, the worst, and the ugliest that Manila has to offer. Despite the morning commutes, tight schedules, and danger that comes with the job, the reporter tells Emil Hofileña why she’ll always consider this bustling city her home



The Right Hand

“Easy is not a word I would associate with working in government,” says Finance Secretary Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez. One of President Duterte’s oldest friends and the man who helped spearhead one of the most historic presidential campaigns ever, Dominguez now has his sights on the administration’s controversial tax reform. Claire Jiao spends a holiday afternoon with the Secretary and learns that while far from easy, for Dominguez, the hunt is indeed on

It Happened at The Lobby

Amidst changing times and competition, and through seven Philippine presidents, the Peninsula Manila lobby remains the beating heart of Manila society, a bastion of elegance in a rough and tumble nation. On the occasion of its 41st year this month, Jerome Gomez drops in to listen to its pioneers and gatekeepers tell the stories of illustrious guests, misbehaving visitors, coup attempts, and causes célèbres

Bad Behavior

Everybody loves a rebel. So when the invitation calls for straight-laced and prim and proper, go for the devil-may-care cuts and dark hues of Fall/Winter 2017

ALT: Straight-laced, prim and proper threads may be what’s written on the invitation, but everyone knows that breaking away from expectation with the devil-may-care cuts and dark hues that figure into the best apparel this Fall/Winter 2017 are the rebel’s only real way to go.

The Party Crashers

TV journalist Atom Araullo and film ingénue Max Collins found themselves this year in the rarefied universe of comebacking director Mike de Leon, leading the cast of the much-awaited political drama Citizen Jake. The results, as the brilliant director tells Jerome Gomez, are a cause to celebrate

Stardust Memories

Twenty-five years after his death, a book on the director Ishmael Bernal, the fabulous sophisticate and fearless intellectual of Philippine cinema’s Second Golden Age, is finally coming out. In this excerpt from ProBernal, Antibio, an “anti-memoir” assembled like a Bernal comedy where everything happens at once, the National Artist writes about being fired from his first job as director, being called “the answer to Lino Brocka,” and the beginnings of Pagdating Sa Dulo—his first complete film, a satire on the industry he would depose and divine for the remaining years of his life



Allan Briones enters his newest playground as Old Manila’s first Filipino chef de cuisine; one new exhibit and a massive tech upgrade later, the National Museum Planetarium is recapturing contemporary imaginations; Jesus Christ dons Lanvin and Gucci in Marc Gaba’s visual commentary on the adaptable images of religion and fashion.


A settler, an architect, and a philanthropist are building a strong case for locally-sourced materials and low-impact design along the coastlines of Mindoro; in celebration of its heritage, Bulgari pays tribute to its most iconic piece, the seductive Serpenti, with the unveiling of an art, design, and jewelry exhibition in Singapore.


The season’s masculine timepieces balance contemporary and classic with their bolder shapes, softer edges, and geometric elements; Montblanc takes inspiration in an age-old symbol in its latest collaboration with UNICEF; the MaArte fair returns for another year with its signature offerings, the finest creations from Filipino artisans.


What do you get when you put celebrated director Erik Matti, award-winning adman David Guerrero, and breakout broadcast journalist Chiara Zambrano in one (packed) room? One hell of a conversation. Rogue brings together three standouts in their respective fields to talk about the art of building ideas and chasing stories.


“Super Ma’am” fails to defeat “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” on its pilot episode

Philippine reality show sweethearts Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber take it to the next level in “Loving in Tandem”