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Are Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza waving goodbye to their love team?

  • Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards stay quiet after her open letter.
  • Alden Richards rumored to stop playing as Maine Mendoza’s love interest.

Maine Mendoza recently created an open letter for her fans. In the said letter, she also admitted that Alden Richards remained and will always be a friend. If her claims stay true, this means Alden never courted her nor ever planned to.

News about Alden’s new teleserye doesn’t feature Maine as his love interest.

Apparently, in the hit Koreanovela adaptation, “My Love from the Stars,” Alden was scheduled to portray Matteo Domingo. This meant the start of his love team with Jennylyn Mercado.

Although project didn’t even start yet, AlDub fans threatened the creators they won’t support the teleserye if Maine doesn’t remain as Alden’s partner. Gil Cuerva ended up portraying Matteo as Jennylyn’s love interest.

Alden remains scheduled to star in “Descendants of the Sun” in 2018.


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