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10 Future Superstars We’re Most Excited About This 2018

Becoming viral online has practically become the only way to shoot up to fame. Somebody who goes viral on the internet could right away get a TV guesting, while some who are luckier, gets tapped by Vice Ganda to co-star in his latest movie.

But the year was also good to those who have persisted the arrival of emerging stars, as we’ve seen big stars only getting much bigger in 2017 — Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Liza Soberano, and James Reid, to name a few.

The year has also produced a significant number of promising stars, who we think has the label ‘superstar’ written all over them.

Here are our Top 10 bets to be the next superstars, in 2018:

1. Jameson Blake

Jameson Blake may likely be the busiest young star of 2017. Right after being named as C1 Originals Festival 2016’s Best Supporting Actor (#2Cool2Be4Gotten), projects in both TV and movie have come to the Hashtag member like train cars, and more are still on their way this 2018. Jameson has consistently welcomed the challenge of becoming a true actor by accepting roles in a number of independent films, a choice that has obviously given way for bigger projects in the mainstream cinema.

Undoubtedly one of the prettiest faces in showbusiness today, we feel nothing but excitement for better and bigger opportunities that we sure will open for Jameson, in 2018.

2. Joshua Garcia

It is not that hard to be convinced that Joshua is going to one the most important actors of his generation, if not one of the biggest. Dubbed as the new ‘John Lloyd Cruz’, Joshua has expressed many times that he doesn’t feel comfortable being compared to John Lloyd. But we just can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance.

He practically speaks and acts the same way, and he owns a charm that is so irresistibly familiar. Joshua has all the makings of a leading man who can pull off emotional acrobatics flawlessly, and we believe that he is a star just waiting to be ‘super’, if you get what I mean.

Nevertheless, we thought that should Joshua wish to go further in her career, he should explore more territories (in terms of acting), and develop a style that he can claim as his own.

3. Julia Barretto

Being the other half of 2017’s break-out loveteam, JoshLia, has made Julia as one the most promising stars we believe will conquer 2018. Probably one of the prettiest faces to ever grace both tv and silver screens, Julia has proven to be more than just her last name.

As ‘Mika’ in the critically-praised ‘Love You To The Stars and Back’, Julia has finally proven that she is an emerging actress who can really pull off powerful performances. A tv series with Joshua Garcia next year, awaits for those who follow their love-team.

4. Maine Mendoza

The most interesting journey to stardom on this list probably belongs to Maine. Placing her name here, may, in fact, sound an anomaly as she already is a big star. But it is difficult not to be excited about the bigger things that are in store for her in 2018.

Late this year, she wrote a book narrating her journey to who she is today, noting what she was and what she has become before and after the AlDub phenomenon. She addressed her fans in a courageous open letter, appealing for them to let her be just who she wants to be. It was a bold move carried out during what could be a crucial stage of her team-up with Alden Richards, but an interesting one which has only made us even more curious about the path she is going to take.

Next year, a movie and a new tv series with Alden Richards should only push her to higher places in her career.

5. Maymay Entrata

Maymay has consistently proven that getting big in showbiz does not strictly requires a pretty face. Of course, we are not saying she isn’t pretty, but there is a kind of beauty in Maymay that makes her one the most interesting young stars to watch out for, next year.

A natural comedian, Maymay also writes songs and sings them. She has in fact scored some of the biggest OPM hits of 2017, including the one she wrote for her onscreen partner, Edward, entitled ‘Baliw’. She has also been emerging as a popular print model.

Who knows, Maymay may actually become the next ‘Wilma Doesn’t’, if not someone bigger? We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

6. Janella Salvador

Janella has two upcoming movies in 2018: one with her onscreen partner, Elmo Magalona (My Fairy Tail Love Story), and another with Jameson Blake (So Connected).

Described “a jewel” by Mother Lily Monteverde, herself, Janella has proven herself to be one of the most important emerging movie stars of the new generation. In music, she has already recorded some of the most memorable hits of the past few years; her latest: her entry to this year’s Himig Handog Love Songs.

We are confident this girl is set to conquer multi-media platforms, and we can’t be more excited.

7. Iñigo Pascual

Iñigo’s breakout hit ‘Dahil Sa’yo’ emerged as one of the most successful OPM songs of the year. When BillboardPH began its operation, the song shot up to the top of its list and has never left the chart ever since.

Iñigo has inherited the singing talent of his father, Papa P, but he might actually be better. He has his looks and has the makings of a singing idol. The only thing we’re worried about is that his team-up with fellow singer and teen star, Iñigo, may not work.

We seriously believe these two are better off without each other. But we wish to be proven wrong.

8. Maris Racal

Maris Racal may have already been typecast as ‘BFF ng bayan’ as she have played the role of the lead actress’ best friend (just last year, LionhearTV’s RAWR Awards named her ‘Beshie ng Taon) in almost every movie and tv shows she was in.

While that doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, we believe that something much bigger is waiting for this PBB runner-up. Maris is a multi-talented girl who is passionate for both music and acting. She writes songs and there is no denying that she can really sing. She has already starred in a couple of movies in 2017, her most memorable, being as Richalaine in Bloody Crayons.

She is also one of the lead stars in the MMFF entry, ‘Haunted Forest’. Watch out, Kim Chiu, the ‘Horror Princess’ crown may not be very safe on your head!

9. Kate Valdez

At first look, Kate can be mistaken for Angel Locsin. That can be both a blessing and a curse to Kate, but the latter could be easily discouraged. Kate is a natural charmer, and the camera loves her. Her stint in Encantadia as Mira, proved that she can also take the same path Angel Locsin followed in her career. But we believe Kate’s future holds a more interesting promise.

A stronger leading man and projects will take her further in her career.

10. Tony Labrusca

It was Tony we were most saddened about when the five members of BoybandPH were finally named, and this wasn’t one of them. But that didn’t stop bigger and better opportunities opening for Tony.

More endorsements came and just last June, he got one the major roles in what could be the most anticipated teleserye of 2017, ‘La Luna Sangre’.

Tall, dark, and handsome, Tony has all the qualities of a dashing leading man, and we just can’t wait for him to become one, this 2018.


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