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Carlos Agassi explains his side over cyberflirting allegations

  • Hunk actor Calos Agassi airs side regarding a viral Facebook post showing screenshots of his alleged attempts to hit on several women on social media.
  • The 38-year old actor clarified that he is single and enjoying is life as long as he does not hurt anyone.

Hunk actor Carlos Agassi recently became viral after a Facebook page RBreezy posted a couple of screenshots in which he is flirting with a number of girls online.

It can be seen in the photos how the 38-year old actor expressed his interest to these girls and asked them out.

On the comment section, other girls who have also received an invitation from Carlos commented on the said post. RBrezzy FB page wrote the hashtags  #CARLOSAGASSIKNOWS and  #TIRADOR.

Meanwhile, Carlos took to Instagram to answer the malicious allegations against him. In his post, he clarified that he is single and he just wants to enjoy his life as long as he does not hurt anyone.

“I’m single and enjoying my life as long as I follow by Gods rules and mans rules,” he started his long post.

Carlos jokingly acknowledged his sudden fame in social media due to the viral FB post and said that some part of the story were not true. “TNx for making me famous on social media 😉 some of them may be true and most not,” he added.

Carlos apologized for the people who were affected on the issue, “I’m only human and a man so again thank you and if the people I care about are affected I’m sincerely sorry, didn’t want any of u to get hurt. I’m just a single man living life and hopefully, I find my soul mate.”

According to him, some of the girls messaged him first and only captured the part that made them look good.

“Funny thing most of the women there are the ones who messaged me and They just screenshot what makes them look good 🙈 some stories u hear may be true or may be not true enjoy and do what makes u happy,” he revealed.

On the latter part of his post, Carlos made a joke about his sudden fame online, “p.s. learned a lot from this so to all the people direct messaging me sorry would love to meet u but can’t baka mamaya u just wanna be famous Kanye famous. love u peace out #tirador #lodi#petmalu #fuckboi just making fun of the stupid situation I put myself into,” he stated.


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