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Nadine Lustre, James Reid get into a heated confrontation in ‘Never Not Love You’

  • Nadine Lustre and James Reid play the role of Joanne and Gio in their new movie, Never Not Love You.
  • The trailer hints at a not-so-happy ending for Joanne and Gio.
  • The film will be in theaters nationwide on March 31, Black Saturday.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid’s new film, Never Not Love You, hints a painful and a not-so-happy ending. Nadine portrays the role of Joanne who has her life planned out.

James on the other hand is Gio, a guy who usually lives in the moment. They became a couple, however, a reckless one, as they had built their relationship on impulses and spontaneous decisions.

Nadine and James also get into a heated argument in one scene in the newly-released trailer. The rift between the couple started when Joanne leaves her promising job as a brand manager in Manila to work as a cafe assistant in London.

Joanne joined Gio to London so they can stay together. She looks happy with Gio but she is unhappy with herself in London.

This will be Nadine and James’ new movie after two years.

Here are ten reactions from Never Not Love You trailer alone.

Juan Miguel Severo thought that the upcoming film remains as a film that viewers deserve.

“Never Not Love You looks like the JaDine movie we deserve and need, yes?”

Sharlene San Pedro attached a sad Patrick the Star as her reaction on the said trailer.

“-Never Not Love You (teaser)”

A Netizen, however, didn’t expect how good the trailer looks.

“Jadine’s Never Not Love You trailer looks unexpectedly good def an upgrade compared to some PH mainstream movies”

Other overwhelming set of reactions.

“Never not love you movie from Jadine is too good HOLY SHIT BALLS.”

A Netizen applauded the lines on Never Not Love You.

“I’m looking forward to JaDine’s new movie, Never Not Love You. Grabe yung batuhan ng lines!”

A film lover loved the colors on the trailer alone.

“As a film lover, I love movies of colors. Some films I fell in love with because of their colors are La La Land, Paddington and Kingsman. Although not as colorful as those mentioned, the colors in Never Not Love You is something I love so much! #NeverNotLoveYouTRAILER”

James and Nadine were praised by a Netizen for not disappointing the viewers by departing from their previous ‘cute’ roles.

“Finally!! Tapos na ang JaDine sa pacute-cute na role! And they did not disappoint! Congratulations to the whole team of Never Not Love You! #NeverNotLoveYouTRAILER”

Someone hoped that Never Not Love You earn Php 20 million on its first day.

“I hope “Never Not Love You” earns P20,000,000 on its first day.  20 mil opening salvo for its bravery and realness in its depiction of love in this era where the world is simultaneously bigger and smaller.

Another netizen also couldn’t keep their composure on their reaction.


Another observed that the new movie has a sad story.

“Never Not Love You trailer/story is so nice yet sad. It’s scary too, because it’s just reality. Career and Love doesn’t always come together. I think the movie will give me heartache gosh! my #JaDine heart”

Never Not Love You is under the direction of Antoinette Jadaone. It will also be in theaters nationwide on March 31, Saturday. Watch the trailer below:



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