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Sass Rogando Sasot responds to civil complaint against her; demands GMA Network to investigate Jover Laurio instead

  • Sass Rogando Sasot recently responded to a civil complaint against her.
  • She also added that she had received a question from GMA News Online junior producer, Nicole-Anne Lagrimas.
  • She continued to demand GMA Network to investigate Jover Laurio’s “paawa” effect.

Sass Rogando Sasot recently took to her own Facebook account to respond to a civil complaint about disclosing personal information on a blog post. She also revealed that a GMA News Online producer had reached out to her for her own statement and continued to write her own answer on the subject at hand.

Sass revealed the question that Nicole-Anne Lagrimas, a Junior News Producer for GMA News Online had contacted her. She added Nicole’s question on her Facebook post. Nicole added that a civil complaint had filed against Sass and RJ Nieto. Nicole asked about Sass’ alleged violation of the Data Privacy Act and the complainant’s right to privacy and to free speech.


Your Question: Hi, Ms. Sasot. I am a news producer for GMA News Online. Today, we received information that Ms. Jover Laurio, the woman behind the Pinoy Ako Blog, has filed a civil complaint against you and Mr. RJ Nieto over your disclosure of her personal information on one blog post. She said this violates the Data Privacy Act and her right to privacy and to free speech. May I get your comment on the matter? Thanks in advance!”

Sass wrote her answer on the matter. She stated that she had worked as a volunteer during President Noynoy Aquino’s run for the presidency and that she didn’t violate the Data Privacy Act as it had been in public domain.


All of the information we have about the Liberal Party propagandist Jover Laurio, who worked as a volunteer during the 2010 run of Aquino, and 2016 campaign of Roxas-Robredo, are available in the public domain: the html code of Pinoy Ako Blog and her own twitter posts, that are set to public. Whether it’s against the Data Privacy Act to share whatever is available publicly in the public social media account of a public figure like LP Propagandist Jover Laurio and the publicly available HTML code of a blog is an interesting overstretch of the notion of privacy.”

Sass reasoned why she thinks she hasn’t violated the Data Privacy Act. It also may be the person who shared blog posts inside LP Propagandist Jover Laurio’s office.

“LP Propagandist Jover Laurio resigned from work after filing a complaint in December 2017 against her officemate who kept on sharing my posts and Thinking Pinoy’s. If there’s anyone between the two of us who is violating someone’s free speech, it’s her who wanted her office to reprimand her own officemate for simply sharing blog posts.”

Sass demanded the GMA Network to investigate Jover on reprimanding her office and added that she had used her work time and their office resources for blogging. She also asked why didn’t the network became suspicious about Jover’s “paawa” effect.

“If GMA 7 is really after the truth, you guys should investigate how many times Laurio was reprimanded in her office for using her work time and their office resources for blogging. And shouldn’t GMA 7 be suspicious about Laurio’s paawa effect? She claims she’s jobless but kept on spending money to pay Facebook to boost her posts.

Lastly, whoever is writing behind Pinoy Ako Blog, is a person of public interest and therefore is fair game for being publicly identified.”


Written by Angela Baltan

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