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Sofia Andres apologizes to entertainment bloggers regarding her behavior

  • Entertainment bloggers recently called out Sofia Andres on her attitude.
  • She apologized through her Instagram Story.
  • The bloggers’ disappointment came from the events where Sofia was present.

Entertainment bloggers recently expressed their dismay on Sofia Andres’ behavior during press conferences and interviews. The bloggers’ distress came from encounters with Sofia being too uninterested and annoyed.

She would also constantly fiddle with her phone and roll her eyes.

Bloggers don’t have anything against Sofia except for her attitude on press and blog conferences.

The said photo below which came from a YouTube video which Random Republika uploaded. She also fiddled with her phone which Diego Loyzaga eventually took away from her.

Sofia Andres at Pusong Ligaw Thanksgiving Conference (January 6, Saturday)

Sofia immediately jumped in action and apologized to the bloggers for her attitude. She posted her apology on her Instagram Story where it will be deleted after 24 hours. Although she did say her apologies, she went on about her fear of rejection.

However, many noted that even if she is afraid, she should have respected the people in front of her.

“Hi everybody, I just want to say sorry, really sorry for those who think that I ignored them, disrespected them, and think I never wanted to say, ‘Hi,’ or acknowledge them whenever they see me.”

Sofia continued about her fear of rejection. Although it would just be a simple smile, she finds it hard to greet others. She also sustained her defense mechanism and trying to look as strong as possible.

“To tell you honestly… I have this fear. Fear of rejection. I know it’s just simple to say, ‘Hi and hello,’ with a smile but I’m having a hard time to do that to some people I really don’t know. I am always scared they might just judge me or ignore me or say nothing at all. My defense mechanism is to always act like, ‘I am a strong woman and you can’t bring me down.’”

Sofia later shared that she has absolutely no self-confidence. She also persisted that she has been rejected many times and added that she puts on her bitch face like a mask. Sofia also revealed the questions that run through her head.

“But the truth is I have no self-confidence, I have insecurities, yes I do. I always feel like I’m never enough. Believe it or not, I have been rejected so many times. Seriously, when I don’t smile, I have this bitch face, like a strong face. I feel like whenever I see people around they’re saying bad things at the back of their heads.”

Sofia admitted that she feels like people don’t even want her there. She also didn’t know how to approach a person properly.

“I feel pressured, I feel like they don’t even want me at all. I don’t know how I will approach them properly. ‘Do they even want me to be with them?’ Or, ‘Do they do want me to say hi?’ Those are my questions to myself.”

Sofia wrote about working on her personal relationship. She also ended her apology with one last sorry.

“I am really sorry. I am working on my personal relationship for such a long time. And again, I just wanna say sorry. I’m really, really sorry.”

Bloggers’ experiences differ from one to another. Some may encounter Sofia in a good day but most of the time, bloggers would encounter her annoyed and uninterested. The screenshot below came from Regal Entertainment’s YouTube video.

During the said blog conference of her movie, Mama’s Girl, everyone can see how she kept fiddling on her phone. At one point, one blogger noticed how Sylvia Sanchez would hold her hand or leg as if trying to stop her from using her phone.

Sofia Andres at the blog conference for Mama’s Girl (January 13, Saturday)

Random Republika published a YouTube video showing how Sofia can be seen typing on her phone in front of the bloggers and press who were talking to her. Although she would answer questions, it is obvious that she remains uninterested. She then placed her phone down which eventually Diego pocketed.

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