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Amy Perez clarifies issue dragging her into Angeline Quinto-Morisette Amon-Sarah Geronimo controversy

  • Sarah Geronimo recently broke down during her This 15 Me concert in Las Vegas.
  • Rumors started to circulate about Amy Perez’ personal assistant hearing Angeline Quinto and Morisette Amon laughing at Sarah’s break-down.
  • Amy spoke up about the issue and clarified that she doesn’t even have a personal assistant.

A celebrity always has a busy schedule and hectic environment. Unfortunately, it took a toll on Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo. She broke down in the middle of her This 15 Me concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amy Perez recently took to Twitter to express her support and offer a virtual hug towards the performer.

Many rumors started to circulate that Angeline Quinto and Morisette Amon laughed at Sarah’s break-down. Allegedly, Amy’s personal assistant heard the said exchange and gave a broadcast about it.

In her innocent tweet, Amy only offered Sarah a virtual hug.

“Big Hug Sarah! ❤😍❤

One netizen replied asking her whether her personal assistant really did hear Amy laugh at Sarah’s break-down. The netizen also added that Angeline and Morisette are receiving hate because of Amy’s alleged personal assistant.

“Tiyang Amy totoo b yun na narinig ng P.A nyo na pinagtatawanan nina Angeline Quinto at Morisette si Sarah? Binabash ang 2 dahil dun. Gusto ko pa ma-confirmed mula sa inyo para makisali na ko sa kanila. Thank you po!”

Another netizen also inquired about the said issue. The netizen appealed for Amy to speak up so that the hate against Angeline and Morisette would stop.

“Can you confirm this tyang Amy nababash sina Angeline at morisette for some issue na sinasabi na PA nio daw nakarinig. I don’t believe na magsasalita ng against Kay SG Sina AQ and MA. Kawawa nmn na mabash lalo kung Di totoo.”

Amy clarified that she doesn’t even have a personal assistant, a maid or even a driver. So, if someone had spilled that Amy’s personal assistant heard Angeline and Morisette’s jabs against Sarah, it certainly isn’t true.

“Can I just clear something I don’t have any PA/YAYA or kahit Driver wala! I always go to work alone.”

Amy also continued to slam the person who had created the story. She would want to personally talk with the person to have proper guidance.

“Whoever came up with that story I want to talk to you personally para ma gabayan kita. (busy akong nagluluto ng sinigang na baboy dinadamay nyo ako sa kalokohan nyo!) #dontme”

Amy advised the people to stop fighting. She also wrote that everyone loves Sarah and hopes she will be alright. People shouldn’t drag other and just spread love and kindness instead.

“Wag kayo mag away kasi lahat tayo we love Sarah and we pray that she will be ok. Wag din tayo mang damay ng ibang tao pls.Let’s spread love and kindness.



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