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BDJ gathers women in ‘Rendezvous: Women in Action’, promotes active lifestyle

  • BDJ Rendezvous: Women In Action
  • Viviamo! Inc. gathers women around the country for an inspiring series of talks

Your Belle de Jour Power Planner and Navi: Your Life Navigator Journal maker Viviamo! Inc. proves once more that women are indestructible when united. BDJ Rendezvous just concluded its successful run with the theme ‘Women in Action’.

Its community is really commendable with its efforts to connect women from different places.

For this year’s BDJ Rendezvous, the team brought out a series of inspiring talks tackling different issues. Their call to action in this gathering is for women to be more productive, purposeful, and active throughout the year.

Hosted by vlogger and professional makeup artist, Genzel Habab, the Rendezvous was divided into four talks from distinct individuals who shared their knowledge and expertise about health, wellness, and creative hobbies.

Women got the power!

For the first talk, calligrapher Nicole Sanchez shared her humble beginnings, inspirations, and taught the basics of Calligraphy. Bellas were provided with starter brush pens and worksheets where they tried their hand in calligraphy.

Second to present was Patricia Mirasol who stressed the importance of changing one’s mindset to achieve his/her health and fitness goals.

Business and fitness enthusiast Carla Piscoso then related how she once battled with insecurities and low self-esteem back then. She then encouraged Bellas that in order to feel confident about how they look and feel, they should first start with themselves.

Lastly, photographer and makeup artist Gorvachev Bernardo discussed his tips and techniques about basic photography, photo editing and ways to achieve visually appealing photos using a smartphone.

Bellas in action

Dubbed as ‘Bellas’, ladies of BDJ were put to a test as Viviamo! prepared series of activities that will challenge everyone’s creativity, cooperation, and unity. To reward the Bellas, they were given treats from BDJ partner brands through raffles and games.

This event would probably not be the last for BDJ, stay tuned for more exciting events these coming months.


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