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Jameson Blake reveals scheduling problems at fault in misunderstanding with Director Jun Lana

  • Jameson Blake admitted his fault on Director Jun Lana’s Instagram post.
  • Direk Jun recently lamented over a system in the showbiz industry.
  • Jameson defended himself as he had scheduling problems at the time.

Jameson Blake recently admitted that he was the one that Direk Jun Lana had called out in an Instagram post on April 26, Thursday. In the said post, Direk Jun lamented over a system in the showbiz industry. Although the director didn’t mention any names that could possibly expose someone.

In an interview with, James revealed that it was actually his fault.

In the said interview, James confessed that he had scheduling problems at the time. The production was going on a fast pace to accommodate Jameson’s schedule. This also became the reason why a movie suffers from low quality.

Jameson had to be quick in shooting for the movie, Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi, as he had another show the next day.

“Well, kasi that [time], I had a show the next day. So we just talked about if I was able to leave early… But then, we understand kay Direk Jun, his side as a director… of course, he wants his movie to be perfect. Siguro there was just, like, at that moment, misunderstanding lang. Like, for me, hindi naman ako actor na full time, e. My job as a Hashtag, may mga raket din kami, so ayun lang.”

Jameson also added that he and Direk Jun never talked about the issue. He then took the blame and never talked about it again.

“Di naman. Actually, we didn’t really talk about it. He didn’t really pinpoint any name. Siguro he understands naman na minsan… It’s really my fault kasi hindi ko hawak ang schedule ko and everything. Kahapon, nag-shoot na kami, and wala naman. Kahapon nag-shoot kami, parang wala lang… we didn’t really talk about it.”

Jameson understood whether Direk Jun was bothered by what happened.

“Siguro, kasi I should be there for the movie, and he wants his movie to be very nice. So, of course, I understand that.”

However, Jameson couldn’t help but ask people to just leave it as it is.

“Well, I don’t know if I would like to talk it with him, kasi parang he just posted about it. Tapos, we will discuss as time passes by, kasi he really didn’t talk to me about it, e. Just leave it there na lang.”


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