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Did Sofia Andres ignore some media in Myx Music Awards 2018 Red Carpet?

  • Sofia Andres attended Myx Music Awards 2018.
  • However, during the red carpet interviews, Sofia may have ignored some media.
  • Some netizens also expressed their opinions on Sofia’s actions.

StarsPhotog Vidz recently uploaded a video to YouTube. The said video insinuated that Sofia Andres allegedly ignored some media during the red carpet event of Myx Music Awards 2018.

StarsPhotog Vidz also titled the video, “Sophia Andres Deadma sa Interview ng Ilang Media sa Myx Music Awards 2018 Red Carpet!”

In the comments section of Fashion PULIS, netizens expressed their dismay on Sofia’s attitude. One netizen actually called Sofia’s attitude disgusting.

“Her attitude is so disgusting…just like her hair color.”

Another netizen remarked how she’s just an introvert.

“Feeling Rihanna siya? Introvert and “shy daw siya” pa more. Hahahahaha!”

One netizen replied back that Ylona Garcia and another singer who stopped to have a chat.

“Ylona and the other singer na daughter ng actor were gracious pa to accommodate interviews. To think sila pa ang may legit talent sa singing.”

Another netizen also pointed out that Sofia doesn’t have the right to have that bad of an attitude as she doesn’t have that high of a status.

“Sa starlet status nakuha pa nyang magka attitude ng ganern? Kung kasing sikat na nya cla Anne Curtis baka she can buy the world na un level nya.”

One netizen remarked that Sofia can learn a thing or two from younger stars.

“She can learn a thing or two from younger stars who are way way far more talented than her.”

A netizen also asked what Sofia’s problem may be. They pointed out how beautiful Ylona is. They also asked why ABS-CBN Corporation doesn’t give her any projects anymore.

“Anong problema ni ateng Sofia at ganyan sya umasta? Off topic tho, ganda ni Ylona. Bakit di nalang sya ang binibigyan ng break ng ABS”

One netizen pointed out that Ylona has yet to attend acting workshops and practice her Tagalog.

“Hindi siya marunong umarte at bulol sa tagalog”

Watch StarsPhotog Vidz’ video and tell us what you think in the comments section:



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