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Vice Ganda shares message to haters

  • Vice Ganda shared his message to all the haters on Twitter.
  • He added that karma will surely get said haters,
  • He feels sorry for haters who constantly burn their energy on destroying someone’s happiness.

Vice Ganda recently took to Twitter to share his message to all the haters. He feels bad for the haters. Hating on someone makes them better. Vice also sustained that karma will get them. He feels sorry for the haters who constantly burn their energy on hating someone.

Vice wrote on the said Twitter post:

“Sobrang nakakaawa yung mga haters. Kasi habang hine-hate nyo ung mga tao lalo silang pinagpapala. At habang pinagpapala sila lalo kayong nagagalit. Kaya itigil nyo yang hate nyo sa kanila. May dulot sa inyong malas yan.”

One netizen replied how people will always remain mundane. They also added that haters will hate because they have boring lives.

“People are people mundane as they are. Haters gonna hate bahala sila yun nalang yung isipin natin na boring kung wala sila…”

Another netizen also expressed their gratitude for having someone like Vice. They continued how lovely Vice is.

“We are bless that you are our Vice Ganda but you know people they are very hard headed. We love you & more power lovely Vice. “

One netizen couldn’t help how much happiness hater earn when they destroying someone’s life.

“those are the type of people who cannot find their own happiness resulting them to hate and destroy other’s happy sad to see and hear hurtful and unbearable words.”

Another netizen also agreed on Vice’s sentiments. They continued to express their relief on having someone like Vice to call out said haters.

“Tama po kayo pero bakit po ganon kahit..mabuti pong tao hindi po pinagpapala katulad ko po..iisang hiling ko nga lang po ehh Hinding hindi mangyari bkit po ganon…”

One netizen told Vice not to mind the haters, They also shared that Vice makes people happy, unlike bashers.

“Dont mind the haters ate @vicegandako kase wala naman po silang nagagawa kayo po marami kayong napapasaya kung papakingan nyo sila mas madodown kayo basta po alam nyo sa sarili nyo na tama ung ginagawa nyo at wala kayong nasasaktan na tao Love you po hugisbigas”

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