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Gretchen Barretto gets support from Sofia Andres

  • Gretchen Barretto posted series of photos on granting people’s wishes.
  • She called out a netizen who called her arrogant for helping the needy.
  • Sofia Andres expressed her support to Gretchen.

Gretchen Barretto recently used her platform to help the needy people. She also posted series of photos on her Instagram on people with her wishes granted.

However, some people don’t believe the goodness of her heart. When a netizen expressed how she’s just being arrogant, Sofia Andres expressed her support to Gretchen.

Gretchen then called out a netizen who called her arrogant on helping the needy. She revealed where the granting of wishes started.

She also challenged the said netizen on granting a few rounds of chemotherapy sessions and a few cycles of dialysis.

@beb_babesboya ARE YOU PERFECT, Blameless? You are accusing me of Arrogantly posting? Do you even know how this Granting of wishes started? It started from my ig followers, asking a Wish to be granted. How in the world do I grant ig followers without posting whom we have chosen to Grant . WOULD YOU WANT TO TAKE OVER GRANTING WISHES & NOT POST , BEB? I CAN GLADLY HAND IT TO YOU SINCE YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE ABOVE THE REST🤣 I CHALLENGE YOU TO GRANT AT LEAST A FEW ROUNDS OF CHEMO SESSIONS & a Few CYCLES OF DIALYSIS EACH TIME YOU BASH💪🏻

Sofia expressed her support towards Gretchen. She remarked how Gretchen has a good heart.

She encouraged Gretchen on helping other people and also pointed out that God will bless her more because she deserved it.

“Tita, you really have such a good heart, you’re better than them. just keep helping people as much as you can, make people happy, God will bless you more and more and you deserve it. @gretchenbarretto”


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