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GRAND SHOWDOWN: “Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids” makes historic ratings

  • Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids clobbered The Clash in the ratings. 
  • NUTAM and Kantar Media came out with the ratings for August 19, Sunday.

Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids became the most-watched weekend program where the worldwide sensation TNT Boys were named as its champion. The three boys transformed into Jessie J., Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj in the grand showdown on August 19, Sunday.

Grand showdown

TNT Boys which consists of Mackie Empuerto, Kiefer Sanchez and Francis Concepcion took home Php 1 million, a house and lot and gadget showcase as their prizes. They performed the hit song Bang Bang, earning a whopping 100% of combination from judges’ scores and public text votes, beating seven other performances.

Finishing second, Onyok Pineda performed as Steven Tyler with 67.59% percent.

Finishing third with 58.52%, Esang de Torres performed as Barbra Streisand.


NUTAM and Kantar Media recorded the ratings on August 19, Sunday.

The impersonation program made historic ratings. According to NUTAM, The Clash fell behind with 11.0% while Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids earned 16.6%.

According to Kantar Media, The Clash had a considerable amount of drop with 18.4% while Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids advanced with 37.1%.


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