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A CROSSOVER: Sang’gres set to help Hammerman in “Victor Magtanggol”

  • Victor Magtanggol will feature the Sang’gres.
  • Glaiza de Castro, Kylie Padilla, Gabbi Garcia and Sanya Lopez are reunited for the fantaserye.
  • This may be one of the most ambitious crossovers in GMA Network.

During the closing credits of Victor Magtanggol on September 14, Friday, Hammerman and Sif are planning on asking for help. In the said teaser, Encantadia Sang’gres Pirena (Glaiza de Castro), Amihan (Kylie Padilla), Alena (Gabbi Garcia) and Danaya (Sanaya Lopez) are reunited onscreen.

Back story.

In the previous episode of Victor Magtanggol, both of them decided to fight against Loki (John Estrada). Sif thought they needed help. The episode ended with a silhouette of each Sang’gres as the Encantadia theme song played in the background. GMA Drama recently revealed a teaser for this upcoming iconic crossover.

Netizens react.

Fans of both Encantadia and Victor Magtanggol are excited for the crossover.

“Parang gusto ko panoorin mga Sanggre sa Victor Magtanggol 😍💖”

“Myghad darating ang mga sanggre..#VMFriendshipOver”

“Parang gusto ko panoorin mga Sanggre sa Victor Magtanggol 😍💖”

“Naalala ko kanina tumayo yung balahibo ko nung marinig yung theme song ng Encantadia sa Victor Magtanggol!! Damn! Welcome back mga Sangre!!! #VMFriendshipOver”

“yung parulog ka na pero naalala mong nasa victor magtanggol yung mga sanggre ngayon..”

“Well, una pa lang, na-anticipate na ang pagpasok ng mga Sanggre sa #VictorMagtanggol at yun din request ng maraming fans. #VMFriendshipOver”

“These four lovely and talented ladies are always welcome on my tv screen. I really hope they are going to portray their sanggre roles on VM.”

“Halaaaaa Yung apat na sanggre sa Victor Magtanggol! Namiss ko sila #MSTPustahan”

Encantadia concluded on May 19, 2017 with a total of 218 episodes.


Written by Angela Baltan

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