Morissette Amon may be recording soon in the US

  • Morissette Amon is being praised by fans and co-performers alike worldwide.
  • She will join Ice Seguerra and Joey Generoso in a US Tour.
  • An American recording company is rumored to have reached out to Morissette.

Morissette Amon is undoubtedly one of the best performers of this generation.

Her talents exceed everyone’s expectations and even veteran performers applaud her. The Concert Queen Pops Fernandez is one of Morissette’s fans when it comes to pleasing the crowd.

Pops once shared that she once performed with Morissette and she was astounded. Other established singers in the industry are also amazed by Morissette.

Anna Puno, show producer, and promoter, didn’t have second thoughts to invite Morissette to join Ice Sequerra and Joey Generoso in their US Tour.

The singer’s fans span worldwide and there’s no doubt that one of the recording companies in America already heard of Morissette.

Rumors suggest that an American recording company already proposed a contract with Morissette. However, there is no solid evidence yet to support this claim.



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