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Tim Yap issues public apology after receiving backlash from Momoland fans

  • Tim Yap allegedly mistreated Momoland members during a fan event.
  • He was heard commenting, “Anong nahithit nito?” and, “Sira ulo.”
  • Yap issued an apology after receiving backlash from Momoland fans.

Tim Yap was under fire after he alleged mistreated a fan of a girl group, Momoland, during a recent fan event in the Philippines. Although it turned out well, Momoland fans expressed their dismay on Tim’s inappropriate jokes.

Tim made inappropriate jokes.

Fans could hear him slipping back and forth to Filipino and English while talking to a Momoland member. He was heard commenting, “Anong nahithit nito?” and “Sira ulo.” Fans weren’t happy and demanded an apology.

Tim issued a Public Apology.

On Tuesday, December 4, Yap posted an apology on his Twitter account.

“I apologize for how my comments might have affected Momoland fans. In the venue, you could feel how much fun we were all having, including the members of the group. Everything that we said in English and Filipino was immediately translated to Korean.

“I understand that my comment could have been misconstrued when played on a short clip from all that had happened in the show, but I must let you know that there was no malice or any negative intention from my part.”

“It was an amazing show and a great opportunity to bond with such talented artists.

“Moving forward and to make things easier, I will conduct programs in full English when hosting shows with international artists.”

“I’ll make it up to you this time, comment below how I can make it better for all of you.

“I am sorry. Sincerely, Tim.”

The apology received varied reactions from Momoland fans.


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