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Veteran columnist reveals his ‘You’ll Never Make It List’ for 2018

  • Alwin Ignacio listed down his “You’ll Never Make It List” for 2018.
  • He noted that these people have yet to make it to the top and probably wouldn’t make it there at all.
  • He published his column in Abante Tonite, listing down the people who he thinks doesn’t have what it takes to be at the top.

Alwin Ignacio has a column in Abante Tonite. In the said column, he listed down his You’ll Never Make It List. The people in the list have already done everything to gain attention and further their career. According to Ignacio, these people have yet to make it to the top and probably wouldn’t make it there at all.

Here are ten artists included in the list.


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Alwin expressed his dismay on The Split Queen herself. She pleaded Coco Martin for a job which she got in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. After her death in the series, she slammed him and turned to Michael V. who stayed silent. She then, cried out for Dingdong Dantes, asking for a role in Cain at Abel. The Kapuso Prime Time King ignored her and went on with his life. 

After receiving nothing, Mystica went to Raffy Tulfo and complained about two bloggers who are allegedly bullying her online. The reporter asked her to take a drug test. If it goes positive, he will dismiss the case and leave her alone. Mystica initially said yes but later slammed him. In response, Tulfo expressed his concern and asked her to get medical help. 

Mystica bet Php100-million against Raffy amid making a bankruptcy claim. Tulfo didn’t respond which resulted into another set of silence. She is now working on a movie with Xander Ford who is also a part of the list.

Kristoffer Martin.

Ignacio clearly felt disappointed with this Kapuso actor as he used to have acting awards and wonderful projects. He starred in Victor Magtanggol which was axed. This resulted to Alwin possibly thinking that maybe Martin doesn’t have what it takes to make it to the top.

Charice Pempengco/Jake Zyrus.

Admittedly, Charice was huge internationally. She became viral on YouTube, having guest appearance on international shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Her fame, however, started to crumble down when she came out as a lesbian in 2013 and later transitioned to be a man in 2017. 

When Charice Pempengco turned into Jake Zyrus, his mother, Racquel Pempengco, wanted him to get the things the way it used to be. Zyrus, however, doesn’t want to go home to her. In Ignacio’s point of view, this is a violation to one of the Ten Commandments: Honor Thy Mother and Father

Ella Cruz, Julian Trono, Jack Reid and Andrew Muhlach.

Alwin doesn’t think that these Squad Goal artists would make it to the top. Ella and Julian are always paired together, making the columnist think how they are the “oddest pair” in “Philippine Tinseltown.” Jack, on the other hand, seemed to be overshadowed by his older brother James Reid. Alwin thinks that “all is lost” with the new Muhlach on the block as he doesn’t have any star quality that Niño Muhlach and Aga Muhlach had. 

Elmo Magalona

He was the biggest star of the movie, Walwal. Ignacio noted that his star quality and number of fans didn’t help the movie to earn in the box office. Aside from this, the columnist pointed out another reason why Magalona won’t make it to the top: physical abuse on Janella Salvador. It has been months since the actress’ revelation about how Elmo hit her many times during an argument. 

Salvador broke her silence in October with an interview with Ricky Lo. She didn’t want anyone to hate Elmo but she wanted to clarify the false assumptions against her and her mother, Jenine Desiderio. The issue and rumors started when Julia Barretto posted an Instagram Story of Janella with visible bruises by her right elbow. 

Jake Vargas

Although he has a regular show on GMA Network, Alwin expressed that Vargas doesn’t stand tall on the show. He stars as a supporting cast in Ika-5 Utos as Carlo Manupil. He started as a performer in Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman. He has a project every year but it still doesn’t seem to be enough for him to get to the top.

Xander Ford.

Marlou Arizala is dead and Xander Ford is here. According to Ignacio, he is the poster boy of this list. Many were curious as to why the Hasht5 member wore a hospital gown and had drawings on his face.

After a few weeks, he made his debut in Rated K! in front of many people. His reveal shocked and delighted audience waiting for his dramatic entrance.

Xander doesn’t have viewers anymore that would listen and believe his every whim. 


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