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Will Katrina Halili’s apperance in “Pamilya Roces” be cut short?

  • Katrina Halili portrayed Maisa in Pamilya Roces.
  • She planned to ruin the family with traps as she set-up with her father.
  • Katrina insinuated that she may soon finish her plan via a recent tweet.

Katrina Halili recently appeared in GMA Network’s prime time series, Pamilya Roces. She portrayed Maria Eloisa or Maisa who saved Crystal (Carla Abellana) and Pearl (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) after their car crashes.

The actress ditched her sexy image to fit her role.

Maisa and her plot to ruin the Roces family.

Maisa is Pearl’s real sister aside from Amy (Shaira Diaz) with Lily (Ana Roces) as their mother. Maisa and her father planned to get money from the Roces after Lily’s death. Amber (Sophie Albert) was disowned by Rodolfo Roces (Roi Vinzon).

After crying to her mother Violet, (Elizabeth Oropesa), she received a text from Hugo (Rocco Nacino) asking for them to meet. This, however, was a trap set-up by Maisa and her father. Amber left to meet with Hugo. A gunman was waiting for her but Violet followed that caused her to get shot. Amber ran, but got shot as well and fell into the water.

Soon-to-be Mrs. Roces.

Maisa tricked Rodolfo into falling in love with her. He, then, later asked her to marry him after she pretended she was beaten up. During one of their interactions, she poured poison into Rodolfo’s tea. Rushing him to the hospital, she came face-to-face with the former Mrs. Roces (Gloria Diaz).

Will Maisa succeed with her plan?

When a Netizen complained about Katrina’s prolonged guesting, the actress replied insinuating how her character will finish her plan.

“Wag ka mag alala, tapusin na natin. Ang nalalapit”

According to ratings providers, Pamilya Roces poorly performed as opposed to its rival, Halik.


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