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Working hard, playing harder

  • Working hard, playing harder
  • LM10 CEO and Social Media Star Nico Bolzico shares how unstoppable his lifestyle is

Managing a group of companies takes passion and dedication. Juggling that responsibility with other passion projects, a loyal online following, a healthy lifestyle, and time with loved ones requires even more effort and enthusiasm. Nico Bolzico makes this balancing act look simple and entertaining at the same time. An unstoppable force to be reckoned with, the Argentinian never seems to run out of energy in anything that he does. How does he do it?

The CEO of LM10 Corp. operates on a disciplined work ethic. Growing up on the countryside, Nico learned the value of productivity at a young age, observing and living alongside their workers at the family farm in Argentina. “It’s always busy there. We would get up early to accomplish all the tasks and errands for the day.”

Nico has abided by this early bird mentality ever since, getting up at 6 AM every day to power through his dynamic schedule. On CEO mode, the businessman divides his time between his Makati office and farm visits nationwide. “There’s so much potential for better agricultural practices in many local areas. It always excites me whenever we scout and lay the foundations for a new project in the countryside.”

On other days, Nico trades time under the sun for the spotlight and cameras, switching it up from gritty to glamorous in a snap. With various endorsement deals and businesses under his belt, the social media star constantly attends to various commitments, shoots, and launches in the metro. To complement his on-the-go lifestyle, the businessman relies on his Galaxy Note9 to carry out his tasks with ease. “My smartphone is just as powerful as I am. It lasts all day, works fast, and carries a lot of my important files. It’s like I can bring my companies and projects with me wherever I go. With the Galaxy Note9, nothing stops me from doing what I want and need to do, whether for work or play.”

Nico’s efforts have been paying off. On Instagram, he recently shared photos of a new site for development, the launch of his prime beef line, and speaking engagements on agriculture and leadership. “It gets hectic most of the time, but I am happy because I get to spend all my time and achievements with close family and friends,” says Nico. “As long as I keep track of my goals and work with partners that are as driven as I am, I can do so much more.

Whether it’s a new showbiz gig, an exciting business venture, or a funny sneak peek into their family life, Nico will always deliver with his signature humor and unparalleled energy.

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