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“Voldemort is shaking!!” Mika dela Cruz reacts to “Kara Mia”‘ memes

  • Barbie Forteza and Mika dela Cruz portray two different characters in Kara Mia but share the same body.
  • The series became a hot topic on social media where netizens made memes of the series.
  • Mika expressed her entertainment in the said memes.

Real-life couple Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto are set to star in their own project together. During the story conference, Kara Mia used to be titled Ang Dalawang Mukha ni GuadaLupe.

This will also star Mika dela Cruz who reacted to the memes that netizens made which circulated around social media especially Twitter.

Netizens make Kara Mia memes.

The series became a hot topic on social media. Some netizens compared Barbie and Mika’s character with Voldemort, the main villain in the Harry Potter series. The said villain latched on to the back of Professor Quirell in the first book.

“Parang inspired sa Harry Potter yung bagong palabas ng GMA, KaraMia.”

“Eto yung naisip namin dun sa trailer Kara Mia”

“Grabe GMA7!!! Voldemort is shaking!!”

“”Kara Mia” show of GMA. Is this the story of professor Quirrell and Voldemort?”

“Kara Mia could never”

“Jusko hahaha tatalbugan ng Kara Mia si Lord Voldemort”

A netizen compared their characters with a child in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children named Claire who has an additional mouth hidden in the back of her head.

“si claire galing sa miss peregrines keme na movie ata yung inspiration ng Kara Mia (????)”

Some netizens couldn’t help but wonder how would their characters experience and do things that normal people would.

“you literally cant talk behind kara’s back because theres mia”

“Eksena sa Kara Mia Mia: Ate Kara paano ako matutulog n’yan? Gusto ko makatulog ako maayos. Kara: Say no more, sis.”

“@gmanetwork gives us this year a story about “Babaeng flat””

“is this kara mia?”

“Ang hirap siguro mag-exam pag si Kara Mia ang teacher mo. Creepy, lalo na pag bobo ka talaga.”

Mika reacts to memes on Twitter.

Blogger Jimpy Anarcon defended Barbie and Mika from backlash regarding the series. He noted that Kara Mia has a story to tell and hoped both actresses the best.

“I wonder why people are already making fun of Kara Mia kahit di pa umeere. The soap has so much promise. Di lang naman mga characters na kilala niyo ang pwedeng magkaroon ng dalawang ulo, di ba? Goodluck, @dealwithBARBIE and @mikadlacruz!! Hoping for the best sa Kara Mia!”

Mika quoted the tweet and expressed her gratitude. She admitted that the creative memes actually entertain her.

“salamat jimps!! actually nakakaentertain naman ang mga posts nila napakacreative”

“well sa totoo lang nakakaintriga naman kasi talaga and it also took us awhile to get used to the idea. we found it quite creepy also at first but when you go deeper into the story dun mo maaappreciate eh. it’s special, it’s unique at naniniwala akong makikita din nila yun hehe”

Medically, Barbie’s character may have been born with a birth defect in the form of craniopagus parasiticus or a parasitic twin head with an undeveloped body. This could be a realistic possibility as it happened to Edward Mordake in the 19th century. He was an Englishman who had an extra face on the back of his head.

Mordake’s duplicate face, however, may be different to Mika’s role. The Englishman’s duplicate face could not see, eat or speak. The trailer for Kara Mia, on the other hand, showed Mika to have a fully developed head where she could see and probably speak.


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