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“Pangong ilong?” Annoyed Janine Berdin reacts

  • Bashing plays an essential role on a celebrity’s career
  • Janine Berdin knows exactly how to handle her bashers even at a young age
  • Fans of Janine Berdin defended her from some unruly bashers

A lot of netizens and bashers nowadays have become more unruly and uncontrollable. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, setting aside good morals and behavior oftentimes.

For some reason, we can’t really pinpoint the reason behind such acts, like where the hate and negativity is coming from. Are they just doing it to gain attention on social media? Or are they trying to prove something?

One of the recent victims of bashing on social media was Janine Berdin. It’s a good thing that the 17-year-old singer was able to handle the bashing on her own.

In her tweet, she responded to a basher, saying: “Anong meron kung pango ako????Basta may butas G na bwhahahaha,” she tweeted.

Undeniably, she’s talented and her voice is powerful; the very reason why a lot of fans loved her. Me myself love the way she sings and her voice doesn’t sound like one coming from a 17 year old girl because of its good quality.

With all the bashing, Janine is not alone as her fans defended her on social media.

“Kasali naman talaga kami sa usapan ah. Si JANINE BERDIN linalait mo. We a family buiii we care about her unlike anyone does to you LUL! Saka sabi mo twitter to diba? just how you can tweet about anything we can tweet about anything as well.”

“Sikat na sikat na talaga si JANINE BERDIN dami na niyang basher yahoooo! :)”

“I will always defend and support janine berdin. Always.”

In reality, bashing plays an essential part on the publicity of an icon. Publicity whether good or bad is still publicity. Bashers actually does a free marketing job for the people that they bash, if you think about it.

Ergo, this toxic culture is not really that toxic after all.


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