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Barbie Forteza sticks to her character as strict auditioner on the ‘Pranking in Tandem’

  • Barbie Forteza can also play the role of a strict auditioner
  • She did not fall out of character during the Pranking in Tandem segment of the Tekla and Boobay Show
  • Barbie Forteza hilariously imitated Kris Aquino’s iconic scream

The Pranking in Tandem segment of The Tekla and Boobay Show invited Barbie Forteza as their guest. During the segment, Barbie was assigned as a pseudo auditioner whilst following directions from hosts Tekla and Boobay.

As three auditionees entered, Tekla instructed Barbie to say, “Tayo tayo na lang dito, wag na kayong mahihiya ah.”

This was followed by the usual audition routine where each introduced themselves. The viewers, though, can feel that Barbie is trying to control herself from laughing a couple of times due to odd instructions from the hosts.

Barbie really tried her best to look and sound strict during the segment, although the things that were happening in the prank were really hilarious. As prompted by the hosts, she also instructed the auditionees to internalize themselves as monkeys and make everybody believe that they are monkeys.

As they met the second auditionee, Tekla and Boobay instructed Barbie to tell her not to remove her shoes, “Gusto ko maka-kita ng unggoy na may heels. Kunwari supermodel, kakain ng role yun.”

As they went on, they gave the three auditionees a couple of confusing instructions that obviously was to piss them off, because the more confusing it was, the more hilarious it gets to the audience on the other side of the room.

The fun continued as Barbie threw lines with the three participants, on a drama skit. Whilst they were focused on internalizing their dramatic characters, the host continued giving them confusing and funny instructions.

The studio audiences, by now, has been laughing harder as the hosts instructed Barbie to imitate Kris Aquino’s scream. The participants did not have a choice but to follow the instructions; no matter how funny they looked with what they were doing.

The segment then ended with Barbie inviting them to join her on the second round of the audition and that they have to get out of the audition room that actually leads to the studio entrance of ‘The Boobay and Tekla Show.’

Barbie really did her best not to laugh and continuously deceive the participants until the very end of the segment. She nailed the almost 12-minute prank effortlessly and did not fall out of character despite all the funny and odd instructions from the hosts. She managed to successfully complete it, until they revealed the prank to the three participants.

Truly, she proved that she’s not just a lovingly funny character on the set, but she can also be capable of acting as a strict auditioner when the situation called for it.


Written by JC Salud

JC Salud, is a straight forward person. He finds freedom, expressing himself through writing. As a writer he believes that there should be not just a story but a truth in every article that he shared.

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