Martin Nievera intends to grow with the network that believes in him

  • Martin Nievera, during a press conference, stated his thoughts on being ‘hungry’ or giving it all in performing that he brought up mentioning that he is unlike those ‘complacent superstars’
  • He also added, ‘And think that they’re God’s gift to perform and they don’t owe the audience’
  • Martin has an upcoming concert this Valentines Day

Martin Nievera, being referred to as the ‘Concert King,’ is a singer-songwriter who has been enjoying his career for more than three decades now. Being this long in the industry, he has met and collaborated with so many well-known local and international artists.

Though he has already made it to the spotlight, he still continuously do what he loves.

This coming February 14, Valentines Day, he will again be showcasing his amazing talent on stage together with ‘Asia’s Nightingale’ Lani Misalucha on their upcoming concert titled ‘Timeless Classics.’

In their concert’s press conference, he was surprised by everyone as they were singing him a birthday song while giving him presents and a cake. Martin celebrated his birthday last February 05 and has turned fifty-seven. Though another year was added in his life, he assured everyone that he still feels younger.

During the press conference, he was asked about what is he looking forward to this year. He answered,

“I look forward to more challenges, more shows. I’m a workaholic. I love to perform and meet new people. Travel to places that I’ve never been. I wanna be all over the world and spread the Filipino entertainment all-over the world.”

Martin was also asked if he was still the Martin Nievera who hungers for fame, he answered,

“That’s one thing I truly believe, you have to be hungry about. That’s why sometimes it’s a common practice on my part, I don’t know with other artists, that I don’t want to get paid until after the show. I want to perform hungry. You need to be hungry.”

“That’s the singer worth paying the tickets for, but if you watch all of these complacent superstars and think that they’re God’s gift to perform and they don’t owe the audience, it really means a lot to me that people spend their last earnings to come and watch my show. I do a long meet and greet. I take pictures, selfies,” lahad niya. There’s no rules when it comes to me. I don’t even want my securities to get involved because I feel, I owe it to people who worked so hard and just spend one hour and half, two hours with me.”

Martin having said that makes us question who could he be pointing to. There are so many known superstars out there that is marking a name in the industry.

Though in this interview Martin didn’t bother mentioning names, he just emphasized his true passion, that is to make people happy through his music. He wants them to feel that he is there for them and not just for fame. That his hunger is truly for the people, that everyone is well served through his craft.

Indeed, Martin Nievera loves not only his music but also his fans.



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