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Cristine Reyes is ‘MARIA’: 7 Reasons Why this Action Flick is a Knockout

  • Cristine Reyes stars in Viva Films’ action-thriller ‘MARIA’ that will hit the Philippine cinemas on March 27, 2019.
  • LionhearTV gives you seven reasons why you should be hyped to watch this film!
  • This is by far, Reyes’s best film ever, according to her because of its theme.

After giving us the critically-acclaimed box-office hit BuyBust from director Erik Matti last year, Viva Films takes pride in its latest attempt to revive the action genre in the country via ‘MARIA’. The film, produced by BlackOps Studios Asia and Psyops8 in cooperation with Viva Films, is under the helm of Pedring Lopez who is known for his films like Nilalang (2015) and Darkroom (2017). The film stars Cristine Reyes, Jennifer Lee, Ivan Padilla, KC Montero, Freddie Webb and Ronnie Lazaro.

In the film, Reyes plays Lily, a former cartel assassin who deliberately betrayed her organization- in turn, she was brutally executed and left to die. Unknown to her former crime family, she faked her own death and began her new life in seclusion as Maria. But her new life is suddenly cut short when the cartel learns of her whereabouts. Soon, the hunter becomes the hunted and a new fight wages on with revenge as the ultimate prize.

We were able to watch the film during its advanced screening on March 6 at UP CineAdarna. And here are seven reasons why you should be hyped to catch this film!

It’s Not for the Fainthearted.

Yes, the fight scenes are brutally intense. From heads exploding to throats getting slit-open, the film will surely push one’s tolerance toward violence and gore to its limits. It’s a total bloodbath. The good thing about it– echoed other internationally-acclaimed films the likes of Gareth EvansThe Raid and Erik Matti‘s BuyBust.

So a bit of a warning: this movie’s definitely is not for the fainthearted.

Not your typical Pinoy Action Flick.

Pedring Lopez and his team’s ultimate goal was to create a fun action movie that will be appreciated not only by Filipinos but also by foreign audience; and they succeeded in this goal with flying colors (and lots of blood and gore). Aside from the fact that the film uses both Filipino and English language, the film is also handsomely produced, and will surely get a market outside of the Philippines. It’s almost at par with those Hollywood action flicks, like John Wick and the Indonesian thriller Headshot.

The Antagonists are as interesting as the Protagonist.

One of the best aspects of this film is its villains—the crime syndicate led by Freddie Webb, but the most interesting ones are actually his two side-kicks: Ivan Padilla and KC Montero.

Padilla and Montero’s characters are always trying to outsmart and win over one another. Their story will play a bigger role in the film, especially in the finale. Both of them deserve kudos for their effective performances, especially Montero. He was as interesting as he is terrifying as one of the antagonists in the film.

Ronnie Lazaro is a scene-stealer!

One of the best actors in the industry today is Ronnie Lazaro. He stole some of the film’s moments with his unique and hilarious character Sir Greg, a retired black rose operative who acted as a mentor to Maria before. His Bisaya quips and jokes added some entertainment value to the film. The whole cinema bursted into laughter during the advanced screening.

This is Cristine Reyes’s best performance.

Definitely. This is Cristine Reyes’s best performance to date.

She was able to showcase how amazing her acting prowess as a mother who lost her family to her former crime syndicate. In one of the film’s best moments, we saw her being haunted by the memory of that fateful night that took the lives of her husband and daughter. Her acting on that scene alone proved that she is one of the most talented thespians of her generation.

Cristine Reyes is explosive as Maria!

Before, we only see her doing dramas and comedies but for the first time, we will see Cristine Reyes on a hardcore action flick with Maria. During our Q&A after the screening, she revealed that she did most of her stunts in the film. She even injured herself during the filming. And her efforts are very evident in the final product of their work because she is fired up as Maria in the film. From those hand-to=hand combat to those gunfight scenes, Reyes felt like a female version of Keanu Reeves. She’s that good.

One of the Coolest and Most Entertaining local films to Come out this Year.

Maria is at par with other internationally acclaimed action movies from the Philippines’ neighboring countries like Japan and Indonesia. No doubt about that. No wonder that it is one of the coolest and most entertaining local films to come out this year.

Fueled with stunning visuals, on-point acting and thrilling action, this is definitely a must-watch film once it hits Philippine cinemas this March 27.

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