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Angel Locsin’s ‘The General’s Daughter’ conquers NUTAM, Kantar Media TV ratings against ‘Sahaya’

  • ABS-CBN’s ‘The General’s Daughter’ still triumphs in the primetime slot against its rival ‘Sahaya’
  • Based on both NUTAM and Kantar Media surveys, ‘The General’s Daughter’ won in the ratings game  
  • More intense happenings are featured in ‘The General’s Daughter’ which likely pushed televiewers to watch more of it

ABS-CBN’s action-packed drama series ‘The General’s Daughter‘ conquers the primetime slot ratings against its rival series ‘Sahaya‘ of GMA Network.

In the recent television ratings result, based on both NUTAM and Kantar media measurements, The General’s Daughter is the runaway winner.

On April 05 (Friday) based on NUTAM Ratings, The General’s Daughter earned a total audience of 15.5 percent, making at least an average of 4.7 score difference against its rival Sahaya, which only gained a total of 10.8 percent.

The General’s Daughter episode 55, presented the story of Rhian (Angel Locsin) who almost got caught by Jessie (Ryza Cenon), one of the military officers, when she got inside the hospital where Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III) was confined. Luckily, she managed to escape when a hitman accidentally shot Jessie in the arm instead of Rhian. Because of the commotion, the authorities’ started to search for Rhian. Knowing about the incident, Rhian’s syndicate family were in a panic especially Amelia (Janice de Belen), making her get rid of pieces of evidence that might link them to Rhian, and they as well planned to find Rhia.

NUTAM People Ratings (April 05, 2019):

The General’s Daughter (15.5%) vs. Sahaya (10.8%)

Also, Based on the Kantar Media Household Ratings, still, ‘The General’s Daughter’ managed to win over its rival after it earned a total of 32 percent, making it at least 14.2 percent higher than its rival series Sahaya, which only gained a total of 17.8 percent views.

Sahaya’s episode 15, showed Ahmad (Miguel Tanfelix) serenading Sahaya (Bianca Umali), before she leaves her community and go into another stepping stone in her life and that is for her to take college. Ahmad and Sahaya also showcased their tribes’ traditional dance, which was Sahaya’s way to enter college in that chosen school, and with the help of Ahmad, it will be made possible. However, as Sahaya is journeying on her way, she was kidnapped by a group of syndicate, which was planned by Salida (Snooky Serna).

Kantar Media Ratings (April 05, 2019):

The General’s Daughter (32.0%) vs. Sahaya (17.8%)


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